10 on tuesday.

  1. I had a moment of crazy this morning when I couldn’t find or remember where I put my big nice camera. Then I remembered that I have been on a cleaning frenzy and looked in the most illogical place (it’s case!) to find it sitting safe and sound with my favorite lenses. I am so used to having it on my dresser (logical!) that I freaked out for a few minutes.
  2. Apparently my brain cells will “come back” a few months after labor. It will be fun to feel somewhat together again though I’ve heard the forgetfulness lasts much longer than a few months. Or maybe the person who told me that forgot that she was always forgetful.
  3. My friend Karma comes tomorrow. This makes me REAL happy.
  4. Maternity pants are the best invention of all time. So good, in fact, that I plan to wear them for the rest of my adult life. Maybe even with the granny panties mentioned in yesterday’s post though I haven’t had the opportunity to fully adopt those yet.
  5. I am addicted to Jimmy John’s #6 Veggie Sandwich. I was at a baby shower last week when I told some friends that I really miss turkey deli meat. Not even the good stuff – a crappy ol’ Subway on flatbread (heated of course). I’ve been craving it since about week 4 of pregnancy. My friend mentioned the Jimmy John’s #6 was her go to during pregnancy and I immediately (literally on the way home!) stopped to get one. I’ve had 2 since. It’s fine, there are cucumbers and tomatoes on it which makes it healthy – please don’t tell me otherwise :).
  6. I am really ready for flip flop weather. I am sick of snow on the ground. I want to plant flowers in my flower boxes and open windows. Now.
  7. Do you watch Crisis? Between that and the Blacklist it’s no wonder that my mind is reeling and I have trouble sleeping at night. I think i should stick to The Voice, it’s much more my speed. And also, Adam
  8. What music are you listening to these days? I’m on the hunt for some new tunes.
  9. I can’t even describe the disgust I feel when your vs you’re is misused. I get it, sometimes you’re texting or emailing fast and it happens. It’s happened to me too. But in a published article? Or in a book? Come on now. Ross would not be amused.
  10. Why does an iOS update that requires less MBs than I have available need multiple GBs of space on my phone to download? This makes no sense to me. Is it saving files and then removing them when it finalizes the download? Makes me batty. In other news, I should take less iPhone pics or, at a minimum, clean them up occasionally. Wow.

Happy Tuesday (and 31 week milestone!) friends.

0 thoughts on “10 on tuesday.

  1. Hooray for number 3!!!! Can’t wait to get there!!! Just turn up the temperature please 🙂

  2. Jimmy John’s #6 is my FAVORITE! Whenever I’m having a bad day at work, I gotta get me a #6 with chips and a drink. Can’t wait to see you soon!

  3. It’s warm in Texas. Come!

    I haven’t ever had the Jimmy Johns, but HAPPY YOU’RE A VEGETARIAN NOW. Okay, that is a stretch, but excited nonetheless about the veggie choice.

    I hope I’m not permanently this tired. I almost fell asleep in a meeting today. Like… REALLY close (bobbing head style).

    I LOVE MATERNITY PANTS TOO. Why does everyone not wear pants with elastic waistbands? Ugh. I’m wearing a belly band at the office right now and feel slightly awkward knowing (though nobody can tell) that I have my pants undone. Maternity pants are way better.