11 Months

Dear Simon,

I cannot believe that you are ELEVEN months old. 11! That’s almost a year. Where has the time gone? This month has been all over the place. You’ve been sick, we’ve been going a mile a minute in all aspects of life, you’re into EVERYTHING… it’s been a fun month – I mean that.

You scared the crap out of me when you had a bad cold a few weeks ago. When I took your temperature and it was 103 I got nervous – you felt SO hot and looked SO helpless. By 11PM you had woken up several times and were crying hysterically. You had some labored breathing and your fever was going up, not down. I went into worry mode. We called the doctor’s office and asked to be connected with the physician on call, but that seemed to take longer than necessary for a call back. When we did finally get a call you had just fallen asleep again. The doctor wanted to listen to your breathing over the phone and once he did he insisted that I wake you up, give you more meds, and take you into a steamy bathroom to try to calm your breathing.

When a very level headed pediatrician says, “If Simon’s breathing doesn’t sound better in 15 minutes, you need to go to the ER”, your mommy gets VERY concerned. Let’s just say that it’s good that you also have a level-headed daddy because ultimately your breathing got better, we took you to the doctor in the morning, and it turns out that you had a REALLY bad cold. Luckily it wasn’t worse than a cold, but unfortunately it lasted several weeks and you’re just getting back to normal.

That was a huge low for the month, but there were lots of great things too. I definitely can’t complain about the frequent snuggles that accompanied your not feeling great and you continue to express yourself in such great ways.

I love that you are learning to communicate about what you need / want and when you hand me toys (or random displaced food) to share it makes my heart happy (he shares!!).

Your new “thing” these days is standing by my office door and banging on it to say hi when I am in there. It totally makes my day, especially because you think it’s funny when I turn around and acknowledge you through the glass doors. You have the best giggle, Simon.

You LOVE doors. And drawers. And cabinets. You like opening and closing, opening and closing. There’s no such thing as leaving you unattended right now… you are too fast!

You really want to be independent. You’re getting more interested in feeding yourself and if you decide that you want to feed yourself you stop eating until we let you do it. You might be learning to protest your parents a little soon, bud :).

You do NOT like to sit still. Ever since you got the crawling thing down you just go. You LOVE to be “chased” and I absolutely love the mid chase sit down (accompanied by giggles) to make sure that we’re still close by.

You still roll with the punches 95% of the time, which is incredible. We had our first lunch date outside of the house a couple of weeks ago and I felt so incredibly blessed to be your mom. I always do, ALWAYS, but in less routine times, I am reminded of this more and more. I hope you always want to have lunch dates with me – you made a Chipotle lunch feel really special.

I am so glad that it’s warming up outside because you seem to love long walks, playing in the park, and not wearing socks!

You are growing up to be quite the awesome kid and I love you like crazy, Simon.

Keep exploring. Keep laughing.



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2 thoughts on “11 Months

  1. Oh my GOODNESS. That cold sounds awful. I am glad he is better now. How scary 🙁 🙁

    Our little ones really are SO similar. Isla loves to do the mid-crawl-chase sit and giggle.

    NOW, onto the most important part: HOW CUTE IS SIMON? That big ole grin?!? Adore him.

  2. Mara… What lens are you using indoors theses days?? Love the photos you captured of Simon and glad to hear he’s feeling better. That had to have been so scary :/

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