12 Months

Dear Simon,

A year ago today you were in the NICU trying to regulate your blood sugar and fight off an infection. Your dad and I were beside ourselves with exhaustion and nerves and we couldn’t take our eyes off of you. What a difference a year makes because today you were happy and healthy, full of energy, giving hugs and blowing kisses. I am SO grateful.

You are the sweetest kid, Simon. This month you started giving hugs. Real hugs with a squeeze around the neck. Every time you give me one of those squeezes my heart explodes. You’re very specific about who gets hugs and kisses and you don’t give them to just anyone. Lately you’ve been reaching for me or daddy just to give a squeeze and then you go right back to whatever you were doing.

I feel like you’re doing something new every day. You are into EVERYTHING. You constantly want to be on the move and will only sit still if you’re content with the person holding you – or if you’re eating. You’re still a really good eater, though sometimes we have to trick you (sorry!) into eating something that you’ve decided, mid-meal, is no longer appealing.

You went on your first bike ride this month and have done several since. Daddy put a seat for you on his bike and you LOVE it.Daddy loves it too.You point to your bright yellow helmet every time we pass by.

You’re a fan of taking things out of their place and you like to put things back, but only where they don’t belong and only if it’s into a random box or bag. Luckily you haven’t tried to hide anything important yet.

You understand a lot more this month and you’re trying really hard to talk. Lots of “ba ba ba ba” and “ch ch ch” sounds. We get an occasional “maaaaama”, but I’m not sure it’s quite intentional yet. You point a lot, usually we’re not sure at what, but sometimes it’s obvious and I love that you’re communicating! In the last few days you’ve been signing a bit too (“more”) – super awesome!

You have fallen in love with your rubber ducky. You have 2 and you always pick up the same one and could care less about the other one. You hold onto it tightly during baths and give it kisses when you see it. You cry if we leave it in the tub after bath. If you take it with us to get into PJs and then “put it to bed” (take it back to the tub) after you’re dressed, you’re fine.

You’re really developing a personality, Simon. You’ve maintained your typically easy-going and very sweet demeanor. I can’t believe that it’s been a year. I can’t believe how much we didn’t know or understand a year ago. We have all done so much learning this year and I think our small family is stronger because you are in it. You are a special, special guy, Simon.

Thanks for giving the very best hugs around.

Your dad and I are so proud to be your parents. We love you with all our hearts.

Keep growing, learning and laughing, bug.



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6 thoughts on “12 Months

  1. Happiest of first birthdays to Simon and CONGRATS on a fabulous first year to mom and dad!!

  2. I want to meet him so badly. I love his little personality, and that he loves his ducks, helmet, being mischievous (Isla hides everything too!), HUGS (so cute), bike rides, etc. Those photos are so cute (especially the up-close-and-personal one). I wish I could be in Chicago RIGHT now.

  3. I was tickled to hold Simon and have him seem content. Does he know I have a candy drawer, Oreos and lots of ice cream?

  4. Happy (belated) birthday to Simon, he sounds adorable. Oh the neck squeezing hugs, they are just awesome! Such an amazing age, everything is so new and exciting.

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