13 Months

Dear Simon,

This month has been awesome. Summer is FINALLY here and you LOVE being outside. Your favorite things to do this month have been bike rides and climbing. Unfortunately your favorite place to climb is the stairs, but we’re trying to contain that to the park. Dad thinks you’re going to be a baby rock climber because you really like to climb the “rock wall” at the playground. You’re also scarily good at it.

You are communicating much more through signing and pointing. You are starting to say words, but other than “mama” and “qua qua” (what does a duck say?) they’re still pretty hard to understand. You said “bye” several times last week but we haven’t heard it since no matter how much we beg. You like to wave at everyone that we pass on the street, but if they wave at you first it takes you a minute to wave back.

This month we started letting you sleep with a lovie in your bed and you already seem pretty fond of Georgie the frog. I actually bought a second one just in case… You also really like to say good morning and good night to all of the things in your room. It’s the same routine every time. Airplane mobile, Tucker the giraffe, Digger, and Simon the whale. I have to admit that it’s pretty cute.

You are completely attached to your rubber ducky (you have two, but you always grab the same one) – you hold it during your bath and you really like to grab it out of the bath toys any time we’re near the bathroom. You also really like the tops of toys. Your rainbow towers, your wooden train… the “tops” are always your favorite piece.

We stopped nursing this month and you seem to be dealing with that transition better than I expected. I miss that cuddle time but I am also really glad to be on the other side. You’re eating like a champ. I’m not sure where you put it all, but you really love food, just like your daddy.

This weekend we went from 2 naps to 1 and I don’t think that you’ve quite gotten the hang of it, but I’m hopeful. You were starting to fuss for your morning nap and you were taking longer naps in the afternoon – hopefully one long nap will do you well.

You still refuse to walk unassisted, though you do like to furniture surf. If you can stand with it you will. I’m waiting for those first steps, bud. You are starting to get brave and stand without holding on, but you quickly lose your balance and end up on your rear.

You love books. When we read you make signs for “more” and then try to move on to the next one before we’ve finished the first. Your favorite book is still Dear Zoo. Speaking of, we took you to the zoo for the first time this month and you seemed pretty excited by it. You especially liked watching the sea otters and zebras. I think you liked watching the other kids as much as you liked watching the animals.

You got musical instruments for your birthday and like to play the tambourine. In fact, you’ve taken to thinking that most things (like pot lids and books) are tambourines or drums. I think you just like making noise. Time to sign you up for music class!

You are a seriously awesome kid, Simon. I love watching you grow. When you do something for the first time your dad and I get so excited – we are so proud of you. I hope that you always know how much we love you…

Keep learning, growing, exploring, reading and being cool.

xx. Mommy

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