14 Months (on the 6th)

Dear Simon,

You are the best! I didn’t realize that having a boy would be so fun, but Simon, you amaze me. This month has been full of adventures for the whole family and you are just rolling with it. I am grateful that you are easy going and generally happy – you are just a really cool dude.

I love when I pick you up at the end of the day and you look at me like, “hey, I know you….” and then you grab my face and kiss it over and over again. Sweet, sweet boy of mine.

This month you started walking! It’s been a long time coming. You’ve been furniture surfing for months and months and this month, finally, walking! You’re still wobbly, but you’re really starting to get it. I love that you will hold my hand and walk with me and that you clap for yourself every time you take steps. Your favorite thing to do of late is to walk from me to daddy over and over again.

Your new walking skills have also meant a few new bumps and bruises. You haven’t seemed to notice, you just look around in slight surprise when you fall forward… you have 2 little scratches on your face to show that you’re still learning.

You LOVE the park. You love the climbing wall most of all. Any surface that you can climb on is your immediate favorite. You’re starting to be able to get to places that are MUCH higher than my heart would like. One of these days you’re not going to need me to stand behind you at the park to make sure you don’t fall backwards while climbing, you’re just going to run and be onto the next thing…

You think that the water feature at the big park near our house is pretty fun, but I think you might enjoy picking up the leaves that are in the water as much as the splashing and fountain.

You’re still really into swimming lessons and you are close to not needing my support when you do a back float. I don’t think you’ve quite noticed, but you’re also gliding from Miss Sarah to me without any hands to help you. We’re going further and further and you come up smiling and happy.

You’re starting to recognize when there are other kids around and you actually want to interact with them. You have a friend at swimming who you always try to grab and say hi to.

You are much more into pulling things out of cabinets and drawers (like all of the baggies in the box) than you are into playing with your toys. You ask for books every night and sign for more when we’re done. I think you might just like to flip the pages but I’ll take it.

You say goodnight to every friend in your room at night. You say goodnight to your airplanes and stuffed animals and you give Georgie a huge squeeze when we put him in your crib with you. For some reason you like your pacifier again and sleep with it all night. We don’t let you take it out of your crib, which you seem fine with.

This month you’ve gotten a few new teeth, including a molar on the bottom right, and those have interrupted sleep a bit. One day you wake before 6 and the next you sleep until 7:30. Unpredictable bug.

You are still eating like a champ. You LOVE falafel, cherry tomatoes, green veggies and fruit of any kind. Your favorite breakfast is still a smoothie. You get REALLY excited when you hear daddy using the blender.

We love you to pieces Simon. You make our life better every day. When daddy and I put you to bed we always say, “I just want to go snuggle that kid…”. We miss you when you’re not around.

I love you. Keeping growing. Keep learning and exploring. Keep being you.



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2 thoughts on “14 Months (on the 6th)

  1. Aren’t boys fun? Like you, I had no idea how much I would love having a boy until I had my son. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE both my girls, but having a boy just feels different somehow and I didn’t appreciate that fact until I had my son. Looking back I can’t imagine how my family could have felt complete without my little boy!

  2. Ah, this is so sweet. I’m glad you’re documenting these milestones!!! My baby book ended at 12 months, so I need to do the same! Those photos at the bottom literally melt my heart. He is the cutest ever and I am actually dying to meet him. Once you get all moved into that palace of yours, WE ARE COMING. xoxoxoxox

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