15 Months on the 6th (WAY BEHIND)

I actually wrote this post AND took pictures on time. Posting them together, however… 22 days late :). Some of these things have already changed (thank goodness) but for sake of documentation, I haven’t edited the post except to add pics. 

Dear Simon,

You are on the move! You are walking everywhere with little fear. You are inquisitive and emphatic, especially with your “no” head shake and wanting to do everything on your own. You want to get into pretty much everything, but you are good about putting things back when asked.

This month you’ve decided to become pickier with food. I am hoping that this phase is short lived because the couple weeks of spitting your food out is less than my favorite. You may be going through a growth spurt because some days you eat more than daddy and other days you barely want any food.

We moved into our new home this month and I know that it was a bit confusing to see all of our things packed in boxes and then all of the sudden be in a new place. You seem to be adjusting well to your new surroundings and with much more space to run around I suspect you’ll be pretty happy here.

You are still really into books and constantly want to flip through them or read a story with me or daddy. In the morning and evening you hand us book after book, though your attention span for said book is about 30 seconds.

You went on your first boat ride yesterday at Lola and Lolo’s house and promptly fell asleep. When you got off the boat you kept saying “boat!” every time you saw one go by the house.

You are a huge fan of bubbles and think it’s hilarious when I say “pop” as they hit the ground. You are saying more and more words and the other day you put a couple of them together. You put on your bike helmet, grabbed your jacket and said, “car, go!” (or at least “CAaaaah! GO!”)… you love to point out cars (or cah!) when we are on walks. You are good at repeating “B”, “G” and “M” and “P” words. I absolutely love when I say, “can you say…” and then you repeat (or try to) what I said. Cutest.

You are down to 1 nap almost every day and you wake up SO happy in the morning / after nap. You are a happy boy most of the time, but you’ve started throwing tantrums over things that daddy and I can’t understand. It’s heart breaking to see you so upset with no idea how to fix it.

Your daddy and I love you so much, Simon. We are extremely proud of the sweet boy you are. We love your big squeezes and joy at being with our family. Watching you learn and grow is my favorite.  So much changed in the last month, I can’t imagine what the next month will bring. You are a very fun kid and I love you to the moon. Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep being you.

xx. Mommy

And since I waited so long, I guess I can’t complain that most of my pictures are washed out. I guess I didn’t learn my lesson in my photography class — or my subject moves too much. I love them (and this boy) anyway.

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