16 Months (on the 6th)

Dear Simon,

Time seems to be flying by (insert your hand gesture when we say something is fast!). You are growing SO big and it seems like you outgrow shoes before we get them on your feet!

We’re in full on toddler mode with tantrums and needing to get your way ALL of the time. Yesterday you had a minor meltdown when you heard daddy say banana at breakfast. When you realized you were not actually having a banana you became insistent on one IMMEDIATELY. As soon as said banana was offered you were smiling like it never happened. You’re a funny kid.

You are trying SO hard to talk and tell us stories. You have a few more words than you did last month (Dada, mama, car, boat, buuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhh (bus), bath, banana, go, bye, etc.) but none of them are super clear yet. I think you get frustrated when we don’t understand you and the pointing gets a little out of control. You do NOT like hearing, “just use your words, bug”.

You started a new swim class last week at the location closer to our new house and you were un-phased. You are very good at rolling with the punches, unless rolling with the punches means being in the car or being confined to a seat / lap / cart. You REALLY want to be independent these days, walking everywhere, giving toys (and miscellaneous items) to anyone who will take them, feeding yourself no matter the consistency…

Lately you’ve been REALLY upset when we put you down in your crib at night. You fall asleep quickly and sleep until about 7/7:30, but you are not happy about separating from daddy and me at the end of the day. It’s a new thing, this really wanting to be with mom and dad. I love it, I really do, but I also know that you need to be independent and so as hard as it is I’ve been trying to just say goodbye and walk away when we drop you off with the nanny in the morning…I get sad too, but SO happy when I pick you up or get to spend a full day with you.

I love you, buddy. More than I ever thought possible and in a completely different way than I expected. Every day. No matter what.

Keep growing and exploring. You can do awesome things.

Love you. xx.


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