16 on 16

I am borrowing a page from my friend Stephanie’s blog and writing 16 things on the 16th. I have a lot to say, but nothing sounds particularly meaningful or blog worthy at the moment. Instead, a snapshot of what is happening around here…

1) It is finally warming up in Chicago and I plan to take complete advantage of our high of 72 degree day today because tomorrow it’s going to be back in the 40s. I’ve put away my warm shoes and I’m pretty much determined not to wear socks again until December (except to the gym), so Mother Nature needs to get it together!

2) I bought and returned 8 dresses from Anthropologie last week. I need summery clothes that don’t make me look / feel pregnant, not to mention that I have several upcoming events and dresses are easy. J thinks that I shop online too much because I spend more time returning than I would if I actually went to the store to shop… I say that I like options and I don’t like feeling rushed. I suspect that my online shopping habits will continue.

3) I went to a coffee shop to work on Saturday night (work is busy right now!) and I came home to a broken dishwasher. I know that if J has his tools out and has tried to fix it, it’s most definitely broken. He didn’t appreciate it when I said, “did you try to restart it?”. Needless to say, we love our dishwasher and refuse to live without it (first world problems, I know) for an extended period of time. We went to Home Depot yesterday and ended up buying all new appliances because I like to match and also am afraid that if our refrigerator / freezer stops working we are screwed. Hello months and months of frozen milk…hello spending money on things that are way too adult to be fun.

4) I am enjoying my photography class, though I am realizing that I will never have technically perfect photos. I don’t intend to become a professional photographer, I just wanted to hone my skills so that I can document my family. My less technically perect photos are actually some of my favorite, though I am starting to look at them and think about the ways in which they can be improved. Although wiggly, Simon is my subject of choice these days.

The pictures below are unedited and white balance is specific to the assignment, so some are dark or yellow… but I still love them.

Simon Photo Class 3-18-15

5) I think my favorite “new” trick is custom white balance. I was using it previously, but not 100% correctly. Using the 18% gray card to set custom white balance is super easy. Less easy with a wiggly subject, but still great.

6) I am a sucker for Girl Scout’s standing outside of the grocery store. Who wants some Thin Mints (SERIOUSLY)?

7) Simon and I spent some quality time together on the swings this weekend. Neither of us could wipe the smile off of our face. Swings, sun, the lake… perfection. Also perfection? Simon’s face in the second picture…


8) Simon has decided that the 5:00 hour is an appropriate hour to wake up in the morning. He’s been doing this for a few days and I am reading that this is pretty common for 9 month olds. When will he go back to a more reasonable hour? Mommy and daddy are tired. And grumpy.

9) I am starting to think about Simon’s first birthday (WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!). We don’t want to do a big party, but I do want to do something. I am thinking about a small family brunch at the park or beach maybe… hmm…

10) What are you doing with the clothes that your kids outgrow? I have been saving some and donating most because we really don’t have the storage space for a maybe someday next baby, but I want to make sure that the clothes go to someone who really needs them. I guess donating is ok, but most of the clothes are in good condition and I’d like to know they’re going someplace where they’ll be loved. I guess what I am saying is that if you or someone you know is looking for baby boy clothes I would love to know… I may be able to send baby boy clothing love to someone who needs it.

11) I am starting to realize that I work better under pressure, but I also HATE working under pressure. This makes no sense.

12) What do you give your under one year old for snacks? Or do you do snacks? We are doing 2 meals and a heavier snack in the late afternoon (instead of dinner) because I don’t want to disturb his pre-sleep milk, but planning 2 meals and a snack is getting tough! We are still being fairly creative with main meals (easy when there’s so much to try), but snacks are harder. I’ve done hard-boiled egg, cheese, fruit, peas, avocado, peanut butter and banana, yogurt melts, etc… ideas welcome!

13) This weekend we went out for dinner and it was the first time that Simon shared my food instead of us bringing his with us. It was really fun to see him get so excited about the variety! Not so cute, his screams for more when I am not moving fast enough. I don’t think that the 5PM dinner crowd minded considering it was mostly families, but still.

14) How careful are you about introducing foods that are not organic? Part of me only wants to offer organic fruits, veggies, and meat, and part of me thinks it’s expensive and silly. So far we’ve paid close attention to the “dirty dozen” and we’ve primarily done organic snack foods…just wondering how long I need to worry about this.

15) Have you seen the Orla Kiely for Target baby line? I am obsessed with the Aden & Anais swaddles – good thing that I know Simon doesn’t need these because I could buy the whole line. Adorbs.

16) Do I know anyone who does letterpress? I have an idea and I’d like to understand the cost of implementing said idea.

Happy Monday – hope your week is off to a great start!

3 thoughts on “16 on 16

  1. i totally understand #11! I am the same way and yet currently feeling overwhelmed at work.

    Also love the photos of Simon. Even though it has a little yellow in it, I really like that photo a lot! — Can’t wait to play with my camera again soon enough once my place is fully organized (almost there)

    • I am too much of a procrastinator these days – so many things that I could be doing, so when I am under pressure I work faster, make faster decisions, etc. Catch-22 I suppose. Yay, pull your camera out! Can’t wait to see!! Take pics of the new digs!!

  2. Okay, the issue with 16 on 16 is that I have 16 comments. HA!

    Letterpress: email Elissa Schneider at elissa@czarpress.com for pricing!

    I LOVE your photos! What class are you taking?


    Mention first birthday party and I have an anxiety attack. Seriously though.

    I just returned a TON of online Nordstrom buys. I need to go to the shop because I looked absolutely terrifying in all of those. Blush pink is not my color (but have to wear it for a wedding in 3 weeks).

    I’m sure I have 13 more comments, but will leave you with that. xo

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