17 Months.

Dear Simon,

You are awesome. You are exhausting, but so cool – and pretty funny. My favorite days are Fridays when I get to spend the entire day with you. Swimming, lunch, long naps, play time… the best.

You have a TON of energy. Your favorite activity is anything involving movement but you absolutely love to play “chase”. You think it is SO FUNNY to hide behind the living room walls. You also enjoy a good game of “where’s Simon?” and “hide”.

You aren’t talking much but you are trying SO hard. You definitely like to share your opinions and grow fussy when something isn’t quite going your way. When someone gets upset with you your reaction is always a big hug. It’s hard to be upset when hugs are involved.

You are still a pretty amazing eater and sleeper and I am so grateful for that. You LOVE food and this month have started saying “ooooooh” with a super cute face when you see something that you want.

You have been doing hand gestures to songs that are on repeat with Dawn and in the car. I think your favorites are “5 Little Monkeys” and “If You’re Happy and You Know It”… we could play those songs on repeat all day and you’d be perfectly happy.

You are a total book worm. You pull books off of your shelves all day and LOVE to flip through them. You love bright pictures and anything that makes you laugh. You make us read the same pages over and over again, skipping to your favorite part in the book. You like to sit in my lap and read before bed and it makes me so happy to do that with you every night.

This month you seem to have lost most of the baby-ness and a little boy is emerging before our eyes. You are independent as long as we’re close by and you really want to be helpful to mommy and daddy. We have been raking tons of leaves this month and you are super excited to help us put them in the bags.

You ALWAYS have something in your hand – you tend to pick something up in the morning and hold onto it most of the day. The “thing” changes, like today it was daddy’s travel deodorant. If we try to take it away you are NOT happy – so you just hold it ALL day.

You got your second haircut this week and you were SO good. You barely moved the whole time. I am so glad that the little flyaway curls didn’t get chopped, they’re my favorite.

You have taken to waving to everyone who crosses your path – it’s adorable and makes me so happy.


You are my favorite person, Simon. I hope that you are always as sweet natured as you are right now. I love the little boy you are becoming.

Keep being curious.

I love you bunches and bunches.

xx. Mommy

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