18 Months

Dear Simon,

A year and a half! Amazing, buddy. You are so cool. Everyday I am in awe of what you can do, what you are learning and how quickly you learn. You constantly make us giggle and your laugh is most definitely contagious. You are are so sweet, which I hope you never outgrow.

This month you found your inner whine and I have to admit, you got me a few times. I always knew that I wasn’t a perfect mom, but this month, with the whining, oof… I am glad to say that it’s getting better and I’m really hoping that the bulk of the high pitched complaining was due to a few new teeth at one time.

This month you have been really into coloring and playing with your cars. You also really love to be helpful. If I say, “can you help me…” you stop what you are doing and come right over. Sometimes your help makes whatever it is take longer, but it honestly doesn’t matter because you’re just really fun to be with.

You’ve started pointing out what you are seeing when we’re on walks. “Pla” (plane), “Tree”, “Caa…”, “Bir…” (bird). I prefer to see the world through your eyes these days.

You want to talk about everything, though most of the time I don’t understand. You love to say “ma ma ma MA” and you think it’s pretty funny when I respond “Simon, Simon, Simon, SIMON”.

You are still a total book worm. You could read all day and be perfectly happy. You discovered your Pantone book this month and want to look at it constantly. You love to play “show me the…” at the end of the book.

You are still a great eater and sleeper, sometimes sleeping past 8AM! You are super snuggly, but only for seconds at a time. You LOVE hugs and sitting in my lap to read, but you also REALLY love to be on the move.

We went to Boston for Thanksgiving and you were really good. You wave at everyone, on the plane, in the airport, on the street… I always say that you’re going to be the next mayor. You really make people smile, which is awesome.

You are my whole heart, buddy. I am sorry that I sometimes lose patience and I hope that you never forget how very much I love you, even when I get grumpy.



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One thought on “18 Months

  1. How did I miss this update???

    I love them so much.

    It also makes me happy bc the ‘show me the….’ back of the Pantone book is Isla’s most favorite bedtime activity. BEEEEE! is what she called the book, just because of the one at the back!

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