19 Months

Dear Simon,

This month was awesome  – mainly because you’re awesome, but also because Dad and I were both able to take 2 weeks off over the holidays and spend that time with you. We did all sorts of things that we’ve been wanting to do — the Exploratorium (water table!!), Gather, free swim at the YMCA… we had so much fun with you.

You are getting so big, buddy. It’s unbelievable how much changes month to month. You REALLY want to be independent, especially at mealtime. You also despise hearing someone tell you no, especially when it involves throwing toys. These situations often result in tears, unfortunately. Luckily these tears are short lived and you are easily distracted, but we’re having to say “please tell ___ you’re sorry” quite a bit these days. You get so upset when we get upset with you about something – it’s heartbreaking.

It’s both humorous and highly annoying that when I say, “Simon, what did mommy just say?” you look at me, make the no, no, no sign with your finger and then continue to do whatever it is that you were doing. You’re keeping us on our toes, bud.

You are a HUGE love bug. You give hugs to everyone that you know and love. We all really really love the hugs, buddy. I think you give the most hugs to your cousin M (who maybe doesn’t always love it :)), but you are very generous with them all around, which is awesome.

Your favorite “toy” right now is the swiffer duster and hand vacuum. Any time you come downstairs you immediately go get your duster and every time dad or I use the hand vac you always sign for “more”. SO funny. The floors have never looked so good :). When you’re not dusting you usually want to read or play the “seek and find” type of games in your books or with the animal magnets. You’re really good at finding things and you have a ton of fun doing it.

You have a knack for finding my phone wherever it is. You pick it up and put it to your ear and lean into your shoulder. I don’t know where you learned this because your dad and I rarely talk on the phone or use the speaker when we do, but it’s pretty cute. When I say, “who are you calling?” you always say “Dada!” no matter if he is in the room or not. This month has been all about “Daaaaa!!”.

You are talking up a storm, but it’s still hard to understand the majority of what you say. You do have lots of consistent words and you find new ones daily – today you said “cracker” clear as day. So funny. Off the top of my head you consistently say (in your own way), mama, dada, car, bus, ball, truck, balloon, water, banana, bone (as in dog bone), pool, no, bye-bye, please, cracker, blue, bath, bubbles, boat, color, diaper, book, bed…

I hope that you know that your dad and I love you ALWAYS, no matter what — you’re just the 19 month old that we need. We love spending time with you, exploring with you, and playing with you.

Keep exploring, growing and being you.

xx. Mommy

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One thought on “19 Months

  1. Ugh, he is seriously so cute. I love those photos!! 19 months, can you believe it??? Where is time going?

    I love that he gives hugs!!! And that his favorite toys are cleaning objects. Please teach Isla your ways immediately.

    They will DEFINITELY meet before they’re two. We’re planning a trip in April!!!!! I cannot tell if I’m more excited for them to meet or for me to see you!!


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