Dear Simon,

Holy moly, 2! When asked how old you are you proudly exclaim, “TWO!”. I love it. And I love you… so much.

What a great month. You learned an incredible amount of words this month – multiple a day, I think. You just bust them out too… My favorite, by far, is “thank you” and “excuse (‘scuse) me”. Maybe you knew them previously but you’re using them in context and so nicely these days. My least favorite new word this month? “MINE!” Sharing is caring, bud.

You’re finally getting used to swimming class without mom and I think you might even be enjoying it now. It only took a couple of lessons for you to realize that swimming with the teacher and not mom is ok.

You had a birthday party last weekend and had SO much fun. You are on the move (“run faster, mama”), so free range to run around the park, play with your buddies and get drenched at the water table was pretty awesome. You LOVE running. Sometimes we run home from school or the grocery store or downtown… I am always amazed that your little legs carry you so far, so fast. Luckily I can keep up with your little gait, but soon… I can’t imagine.

The weather has been amazing this month so we’ve spent lots of time outside. Watering the plants is a favorite thing for you to do. Every morning you ask, “water?”. And I say, “ok buddy, let’s go get water.” and you say “No! PLANTS!” You also think that “helping” cut the grass and pull weeds is the best thing ever.

in the last week you’ve started asking why to EVERYTHING.

“Simon, it’s a special day today! Do you know what today is?”


“What, bug?”


“No, it’s your birthday.”

“Oh. Why?”

“Because you were born on this day 2 years ago.”


“Because the doctor said it was time.”


“Because you were growing so big and strong.”


And so it starts… every.single.thing. WHY? Interestingly this apparently just happens at home. Why?

You are starting to understand the art of procrastination at bedtime. You’re clearly tired, but you don’t want to miss out on fun, so you always say, “cuddle?” as we’re putting you to bed. I know that you love snuggles but we could have spent 20 minutes reading and cuddling and as soon as we say, “time for bed” you say, “no, cuddle?”. You’re hard to resist and you know it.

This month you’re having a wonderful time jumping and bouncing. I think you just realized that you can actually lift your feet a little bit and now you want to jump on everything – the floor (good!), the bed (bad!). Your new likeness and ability for jumping and climbing is making your mommy very nervous.

You still ALWAYS have something in your hand, though these days it’s 2 or 3 somethings. You really love shovels for some reason and I find them everywhere. You’ve started discovering outside treasures like rocks and sticks too, so we’re never at a shortage of things to hold

You’re getting your molars and that means that things that are not supposed to be, and what I thought we had outgrown, are back in your mouth all of the time. This weekend you decided to put a marble in your mouth and I nearly lost it… no thank you we will NOT be playing with small objects again for a LONG time.

We went to the doctor today and you were awesome! You are healthy and so very happy. You got a doctor’s set for your birthday and you loved playing with it at the doctor’s office. You especially liked when the doctor told you what all of her cool tools were and told you that you had the same ones. “Okaaaaay!!” When the nurse came in to give you your shot you said, “medicine?” and she said “yep, and it comes with a cool band-aid! Ready? 1-2-3!” and you said “Ow-wie. Thank you for medicine.”

I love you so much, Simon. You are a really bright, fun-loving, friendly and confident boy. I am so grateful that you are happy and healthy and all around awesome. I am so incredibly lucky to call you mine. Two looks good on you.



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