20 Months

Dear Simon,

What a month! This month, even in the last few days, you have grown in many ways. Your vocabulary is growing rapidly and your ability to repeat words is getting stronger – it’s pretty amazing.

You’ve started to connect a few words together and you have a few new phrases like, “uh oh”. Pretty cute, especially with the corresponding hands. The other day you also repeated your first bad word. Oops, time to be REALLY careful what we say around you.

I think my favorite development this month is that you consistently sing a couple of songs with me. When you know the chorus you sing it with me – mainly if it consists of doo doo doos. This makes my music loving heart VERY happy.

Your favorite game right now is “boo”. You absolutely love running around the wall on the first floor and playing “boo”. You think that being “scared” and “scaring” others is hilarious. You will play this game over and over again all day with anyone who is willing to yell “boo” with you.

This month you have taken to removing your shoes and socks on almost every car ride. You still hate the car and I am counting down the days until we can turn your car seat with the hope that you’ll be much happier. If dad or I sit in the back with you you’re more content, but it’s still iffy every time we get in the car.

You had your first dentist appointment last week and you were so good. You were tentative, but not afraid. As soon as Dr. S let you practice brushing teeth on a stuffed dragon you were intrigued – you sat in the big chair with me and you let her do her thing. It was a short visit, but a good one. At one point the dentist, the hygienist and I were all singing “Itsy Bitsy Spider” because in the middle of checking your teeth you started to get a little upset. As soon as we were singing you were totally calm – you even wanted Dr. S to keep brushing!

One thing this is month is that we are working on being gentle and not throwing things or tantrums when you don’t get your way. This month you learned the sign for “sorry” and we’ve had to encourage it’s use quite a few times. You are such a sweet boy, but when you don’t like something you definitely let us know it.

You say “Maaaaa?!?!?” and “Daaaaa?!?!?” ALL of the time. I think you say it just so you know where we are, but you say it a lot. When you wake up in the morning you always ask for the other person right away. Just making sure that all of your people are in the house I guess.

You are an amazing kid, bud. Every day I am in aww of you. It’s an honor to be your mom, even when you’re cranky pants :). Dad and I love watching you grow and explore, Simon. Keep being exactly the boy you are.

Love you forever and always.


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