21 Months

Dear Simon,

You are growing like a weed! I swear that this month, out of nowhere, you shot up and your 18-24 month clothes are too short in the arms and starting to look like high waters in the legs. It’s a look… but maybe not one that we should continue in the middle of winter.

We had some big changes this month – mainly moving from a nanny to daycare (we call it school because it sounds more exciting). You did great! I was surprised at how resilient you were – you walked into the classroom full of new things and you were immediately excited about all of the toys and books. You barely turned around to say goodbye and thankfully didn’t notice that I was teary.

The classroom is beautiful, but your favorite part is definitely the huge room next door with all of the balls and climbing mats and toddler sized hoops. When I ask you what you like about school you, without pause say, “BALLS!”. You also got introduced to markers last week and I realized just how silly it is to care about what you wear to school in the morning :).

This month, but especially in the last week, you have a whole new level of wanting to do it yourself. You point at yourself every time I try to put on your coat, shoes, brush your teeth etc, etc. This is cute, but time consuming. Although it takes longer I am proud that you want to try new things. Since starting school you’re also trying to take off your pants and diaper throughout the day and saying “potty”. Unfortunately we get there and you do nothing, but I have a feeling that you’re going to be trying out the potty soon.

You have a bunch of new words this month – or words that are more clear at least. Most recently: coat, hello, Lolo / Lola, marker, yellow, shirt, chair, nose, potty, glasses, goggles, snow, boots, sock, diaper, fish, mac, cheese, row… I’m sure others. It’s really fun to hear a random word come out that you didn’t have the day before.

Dad started a fish tank for you this month and you LOVE to see the “fsh” in the morning and after school. You always think that they need to be fed, so luckily dad and I do that part. Mac, Roni and Cheese are quite the addition to our family – they make you really happy, which is all that matters.

Your favorite song is still “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”, but you are also pretty excited to sing “I’m a Little Teapot”. Your “tip me over” is pretty awesome. I’ve noticed that you are starting to do the hand motions to lots of songs, which is one of my most favorite things.

You pretty much want to blow bubbles ALL the time. In the bath, outside (apparently you don’t quite understand “too cold”) and at school. Today the only way I was going to get pictures of you was to let you play with the bubbles.

I love you, buddy. More than ever. You are awesome and resilient and smart. I am so proud of the boy you are becoming. Here’s to another great month.

Love, ‘Mama’

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One thought on “21 Months

  1. Those photos are so darn cute. He looks so grown up (sorry, have to say it!)!!!

    I love so many things in this post. Isla doesn’t know songs – can Simon teach her?!

    I also love Simon’s word list – markers? You’re brave (and good call on the not caring – Isla has ruined so much with markers). Goggles? Does he wear these in swim class? Snow? Total Chicagoan. My most favorite is “yellow.” I can ask Isla what color the apple is, and she’ll proudly say, “yellow.” It’s a good color, I guess.

    Let me know your potty training knowledge. I put Isla on the potty after the bath for 30 minutes with Mickey Mouse on… she said there, did nothing, then I finally let her get up and go to her room to put the diaper on and she peed on her rug. Go figure.

    MISS YOU! Cannot wait to meet this handsome man and hug your neck! xo

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