22 Months

Dear Simon,

22 months going on 15 years. You are very sweet but, if I’m honest, you can be a little bossy too. “Sit… sit… SIIIIIIIT!” Good thing you’re cute.

You said your name for the first time this month and it was the best thing that I’ve ever heard. In the last couple of weeks your pronunciation of your name, among other words, has changed significantly. These days you’re coming home with about a new word (or 12) a day and it. is. awesome. You’ll repeat most words too, which is perfect except when I bump my foot and say “shit!” because… ya.

You’re starting to think it’s really funny to run away from me and dad, which is annoying but cute inside and terrifying outside when we’re near the street. I’m going to assume that this nervous feeling is something that I should get used to.

As of last week you are no longer using your paci at nap and night. I was shocked at how easy this change was. You seem to be a little more restless before falling asleep, but there are no tears and today was the first day that you even questioned your paci, and it was at dinner. I told you originally that they were “broken” and then again tonight. You looked at me and said, “broken?” and I changed the subject to talk about how great Georgie the frog is to sleep with, which made you grin ear to ear. I’m thankful that this was an easy transition, bug.

Your favorite food right now is probably asparagus or animal crackers and your favorite toy is anything that you can pretend is a phone. When you pretend you have a phone you hold it to your ear and say “hello?”. When I say, “who are you talking to?” you always, ALWAYS, say “dad”, even when he is in the same room. Whenever you walk into your class in the morning you go from washing your hands to immediately finding a “phone” (or the oven mitt from the pretend kitchen-ha!).

You are pretty much the mayor of everywhere. You are back to waving at everyone, especially at school. Your teachers told me that you greet everyone when they walk in the room and say bye to the parents when they leave. They also told me that you are very sweet when someone in the room feels sad. That is really amazing and I hope it never changes.

You had a really great month and I am amazed at all of the learning and changes. Your personality is really coming through and I LOVE it. Keeping growing little dude (“doooood”).

We love you little guy. Forever and a day.

xx. Mara

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