You might as well call me Mary Jenkins from the show 227.

I am sure that most people don’t remember that show – I don’t really remember it either, but I remember Mary and I am starting to be Mary, I think.

I work from home (well established by now, I suspect).

My home office has a window onto a courtyard (I live in a condo with a courtyard).

I wish I had a stoop like Mary, but unfortunately I can only claim my own window.

For what it’s worth, I’m not a gossip like Mary, either. No stoop. No gossip. Otherwise, the similarities are uncanny (not really at all).

I was thinking of Mary because from my home office I can see everything that goes on in the courtyard. The comings and goings of my neighbors. the maintenance guy and the postal workers.

Last week I told J that I was learning a lot about our neighbors. For example, this cute family next door always leaves around 7:45 and comes home just after 5:30. The mail woman always comes around 3:30, UPS comes between 2 and 4 and so on.

Yesterday, I saw a girl walking her dog – her dog and my dog like to say ‘wassup’ sometimes, but I don’t think I know her name. She didn’t look like she felt good. I found myself wanting to offer to walk her dog for her. I also let the FedEx / UPS workers into our gate to drop of packages when no one answers the call box (if I see them), because I know how annoying it is to get a ‘slip’.

I’m becoming very “neighborly”.

I am very aware of what’s going on between the hours of 7AM and 6PM (at least what I can see from my window).

It makes me wonder – are others keeping track of my whereabouts? My comings and goings? My deliveries? My dog walks?

Our condo was a gut rehab, so much of the building moved in at once. I don’t know why, but there were several break-ins / attempted break-ins during that time. Luckily nothing ever happened to us, but now I wonder…

If people know when I come and go, when the dog is home vs not… scary. I’ve been switching it up a bit to fool people. I’m tricky like that.

Also, working from home may be getting to my head a little bit.

Anyway, back to why I am Mary…

I have no idea. The fact that I watch what’s happening in front of my window just made me think of 227. If only I had a friend like Pearl living upstairs…

Cue 227 theme music.

Also cue the fact that I need to maybe get out a bit more. Craziness may be setting in.

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