25 Months

Dear Simon,

What a month! There were so many awesome things that happened this month, but namely you are talking more and more – forming sentences, which is amazing and awesome. I love that we are having more conversations. You ask “why?” ALL OF THE TIME, which admittedly is a little… it gets old… but I do hope that you’re always inquisitive — maybe just not about every.single.thing.

You are becoming a master bedtime procrastinator and for some reason think that it is super fun to run around your room until we catch you to put on PJs. You love this game and hide and seek at all times of the day – though you don’t quite get the hide part. When we pretend and say, “uh oh, where’s Simon?” you always say “right here!”. You also always hide in the same spot. It’s awesome to play with you because none of that matters – you laugh and have so much fun.

Your molars are coming in which I assume must feel weird because sometimes when you eat you complain that something is “stuck” in your mouth. There is no reasoning that perhaps water will help – you must get whatever it is out. This has caused for a few frustrating meals.

You like to know what is “mine” and “ours” and you ask about it a lot. Whenever you see our car you say, “ours?” and whenever you want something you say, “mine?”. If I say yes or no you always follow with “why?” of course.

You got a tennis racket this weekend and you call it your tennis rocket ship. I really don’t want to correct it because… awesome.

You’ve started saying “I love you”, which is basically the greatest thing ever. You’ve also said “sorry” a few times, which was hard to get you to do for a long time. You used to refuse to apologize when it was needed, but you’re slowly starting to realize that apologies are a good thing and make everyone feel better.

In the last few days you’ve been grabbing my nose and saying “beep”. Umm… cute, but maybe only with your mommy, ok?

We have spiders all over the house and you LOVE to find them. “Mommy look, spider!” “Get it!” Then, when I do “get it” you say “what happened?” “why?”.

If you could spend all day in the outdoor pool, in the splash pad or playing with your water table I think you would. You are definitely a fish. You also love to water the flowers with me, which we can’t ever do unless you’re wearing a swimsuit or you can get soaked because it undoubtedly happens. You have your own watering can so every day after school or even when you first wake up you ask me “water flowers today?”.

Today at the pool you kept referring to the children as kids. I don’t know why I find this so humorous but I do. “Throw ball to those kids mommy?”. “Get in pool with those kids mommy?” “Why?”.

You are starting to sing little songs. You get embarrassed if I ask you what you are singing or to sing more so I try to just listen, but I absolutely love it.

Daddy and I love watching you grow and discover so much. I pray that you always know how much you are loved, bug. You are my heart for always and ever. Keep growing, kid.



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  1. Ahh, he gets cuter by the day. Those photos are gorgeous!!! I NEED to meet Simon!!! And I love the “those kids” statements – too, too sweet. <3

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