Apparently Baby G has decided that he is pretty cozy and despite my attempts to encourage him to vacate the premises, he is content. I hope he doesn’t require a formal eviction notice because his mommy likes to worry a lot and she is already worried about Pitocin. We see the doctor again tomorrow, so we’ll see what she suggests as the plan.

In the mean time, to circumvent my ridiculous amounts of worry, I am sharing his room. I have told Baby G that it’s just as cozy as his current surroundings but so far he doesn’t believe me.

Baby G’s room has been a labor of love since about mid-April. We waited a long time to get it started because we are a bit superstitious and we had reason to keep it a guest bedroom for most of my pregnancy. Initially we thought we might also move into a single family home (vs our duplex condo) but timing and economy and the complexity of Chicago schools wasn’t working in our favor. Instead we decided to stay here for a couple of years. I think it’s the best decision for us right now (unless you happen to want to buy us a house in a great Chicago neighborhood?!).

The space is pretty small so we had to make it work the best we could. Lots of donations, recycling, selling and getting rid of stuff happened between March and now. Lots of shuffling things around, cleaning out the storage unit, and generally making room. Honestly, it feels good to have more of what we need and less of what we thought we might someday need.

So, here’s where we’ve landed.

We wanted the room to be travel / transportation themed and we tried to ensure that it had good storage for toys and clothes without feeling too crowded in the tight space.

This is the view of the room from the hallway, sort of straight on. There’s a bathroom across from the bedroom that will be his as well (not pictured).


This is the view as you start to enter the room. The crib is on the left, dresser on the right.


From the crib side of the room. Pictures in the collage were taken by me or J on trips to New York, Israel, The Philippines, Africa, Panama and Grand Cayman.

The lamp is a fillable lamp that I bought WAY early in the room process (and in hindsight probably should have waited because it’s a bit large) and filled with my brother’s old school metal matchbox cars / trucks.


The chair is my favorite seat in the house. It was the first thing that we bought for the room and I love it. I wanted to create a cozy little nook (inside the cozy little nook of a room) to feed, read, and cuddle. The X to the left of the chair has easily accessible books and was something that I REALLY wanted for this room.

Are you seeing a theme? I got obsessed with things that HAD to be in the room. Like the X, the bubble clock, the lamp… Oy. Pregnancy. 🙂


From the dresser side of the room looking at the crib… (still need to put up the mobile above the bed)…


This side of the room is crowded but I still love it. I mentioned that we wanted a lot of storage in the room so we added a bookshelf and toy box / extra seating under the window. We got lucky at the Land of Nod outlet and scored both pieces.

I realized after we purchased the “distressed slate” furniture that it was very hard to coordinate other furniture with it. It really needs to be metal or it doesn’t work. Hence, lots of metal (and yes, all are well secured to the wall).


From the window looking at the closet…


I am lucky to have a husband who “enjoys” and is quite handy when putting things together (like IKEA closet systems) and light fixtures and collages and painting.


Baby G has a nice collection of clothes going thanks to very generous friends, family and sales. I hope that he loves stripes as much as his mommy! 🙂

The rest of the closet needs some TLC but I figure that we’ll end up clearing some of it out once baby arrives and we are using things more regularly.

So that’s that.

We need some “homey”ness added to the room in the form of pictures of people, the mobile, A BABY… but overall am really happy with how we turned a small space into a workable baby’s room.

One nice feature is that because it’s the bottom floor of our duplex condo it is both cool and dark. Hopefully that’s a perfect combination for Baby G to get some good rest.

I didn’t link to anything because I am not sure that people actually care about the details – if you do, I’m happy to share!

Thanks for taking a tour and allowing me to stop thinking about my lack of contractions for a few minutes :).

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  1. YES! So excited to see Baby Go’s room! I am seriously in love. The travel theme is exactly what I wanted to do if we had a boy – and it looks amazing! I LOVE the collage wall, the crib, the glider, the shelves and all of his toys! How creative are you with the lamp too! Seriously gushing over every single element. Thank you for sharing!!!!!!

  2. And last, but not least… that closet. I want it. Seriously! Y’all did such a good job with it! UGH, c’mon Baby Go! You have me all anxious too!!!!! Cannot wait to see pictures, Mara – he is going to be the cutest boy in the world. Sending love and hugs and baby labor magic! xo

  3. First – THAT ROOM!!! So perfect!!! The gray furniture is worth nothing matching because it’s soooo awesome!

    As for labor and all that jazz… 😉 Chances are they will give you pitocin even if you don’t get induced – it’s pretty common. You can refuse it and ask for things to progress naturally. If they tell you that it’s a MUST (which still may not be true) you can insist they give you a super low dose to begin with, and only up it a tiny bit each hour. I’ve had my fair share of pitocin and it sucks, but it’s manageable. Just go slow. You are going to be amazing – you are already a mother. You have those instincts. And in that moment that you are feeling…well…not so great…your motherly instincts will tell you that this is ALL WORTH IT. 🙂 Can’t wait for the news!