I’ve been working hard to keep my Project Life project up to date and I can say very proudly  that I am caught up! On Sunday I felt like I was never going to catch up and it turns out that I could and I did. Go me.

I love this project.

It’s taking me back to my days of paper and ink and glue and I love it. I love the documentation aspect, I love that it’s easy… I just LOVE it. I know that what I am doing isn’t “perfect” and I know that I am not setting any trends (lord knows I am using product from 5 years ago – gasp!), but I don’t care. It’s me, it’s my messy handwriting, it’s our life…documented. It makes me ridiculously happy.

This is the first month that I’ve had the Studio Calico kit in addition to the Seafoam kit and I adore both equally. The Seafoam kit seems to be a really good base – easy to use and the SC kit adds some fun elements that I wouldn’t typically grab for… and it’s still easy.

See a theme here?

I have noticed that I am super addicted to using the Tim Holtz Tiny Attacher lately. I remember that I used to love my mini stapler, but this thing? It’s lovely.

The other constant are my Micron .01 pens. I might not get everything right on this project, but the pens? They’re right!

Hello, my name is Mara and I am an office supply junkie.


Week 6


It was a slow week to start and then we drove to Michigan and despite getting too much snow, we were able to see some of our favorite people. And relax. It was a good break from home and reality.


Admittedly that picture of us driving is on the way home (and therefore not in the “right” place in the album, but I don’t care!). J can rock some lady sunglasses when he has to :). 

See that card in the middle? One of the best cards that I’ve ever received.

J’s parents took us to a couple of nice dinners and that mac and cheese? My favorite, leftover from Super Bowl Sunday (the day before… now it seems really far away and gross, but at the time wasn’t at all gross).

Also, I love free songs from Starbucks.


The highlight of this side of the spread is meeting Elin. That picture doesn’t do her justice… she is CUUUUUUUUUUTE. I love her parents too and was so glad that we could make a stop in Ann Arbor work.

The night before we were able to meet up with J’s best friend from high school and we basically closed down the small town bar… was so funny. 

Week 7



Most of my eventful activities tend to happen on the weekend, but this week J and I decided on a whim to try a restaurant downtown on a Tuesday. It’s one of Stephanie Izard’s newer restaurants and J had been wanting to try it… 

That’s the blessing and curse side of no longer having Cohen at home to worry about at night… we can go where we want when we want… nice, but we still miss that dog.



On Saturday we ended up out in Schaumburg running a bunch of errands. Have I mentioned that I despise IKEA? 

I wanted to include a bit more of my day to day stuff in here, so I included a Top Chef Healthy Choice meal that I ate… Top Chef restaurant one night, Top Chef microwaveable meal the next? Why not… riiiight.


Week 7 was also Valentine’s Day week, which is pretty uneventful around here. Since we had gone out to a decent dinner earlier in the week we decided that we didn’t want to do something fancy for Valentine’s Day. We exchanged cards, I gave J a fitbit (J had given me a very large Hanukkah gift this year, so I knew not to expect a V-Day gift) and we went to a local restaurant that is always dependable and easy.

Since it was V-Day, we had to stop for dessert (had to, yes), so we shared a chocolate custard at Lickity Split and called it a night. 

On Sunday I took engagement pictures for Joel and Marcia and we went to the Auto Show, which I never have to do again. Ever.

Week 8



A good week. Babysat the cutest baby on the planet, went to my first hockey game, caught up with a best friend, went to a bachelorette party…

I blurred a few things this week because I don’t need ALL of my business being all over the internet. Also, because some people may not appreciate my story from the bachelorette party.


I love snail mail and happened to get some last week, so I wanted to include it. I love having one of my favorite friend’s handwriting documented, too. She’s so good at sending thank yous… In the same week, we also got to catch up on the phone for more than 5 minutes at a time – a rarity these days.

We went to a hockey game on Friday night – my first one. I can’t say I loved it, but it was fun. Hockey fans are kind of…intense.





Other than that, I had a bachelorette party for one of my favorite people on Saturday night and the rest of the week was pretty boring.

I am so happy to be doing this. Really. It takes time, yes, but actually, it’s easy. If I remember to take photos and keep things, that is. I am trying not to go crazy, but I know that I’ll really love looking back on this at some point. 

I am SO glad that it’s Friday. Off to run errands and then have dinner with J. Whew!



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  1. yay! love seeing these.

    and you reminded me that i need to look and see if i can buy something online from the big blue megastore.

    also digging that invite in your last spread!

  2. you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    absolutely LOVING all of these.
    seriously. you rock the PL, my friend.

  3. These are my favorite posts! It takes me AGES and AGES to go through them. The picture of Elin is perfect. Too funny. I also despise IKEA more than anything in the world. I love the “We go together like salt and pepper” card – Rifle Paper Co. is amazing. You and J are seriously so perfect together – screw you, Brant!

  4. love that you’re doing this project. LOVE. such great spreads… and now i’m super bummed i didn’t grab the ikea stuff when i went there last week. shoooooot!