6 Months (on the sixth!)

Dear Simon,

SIX months. I can’t believe it. Happy 1/2 birthday baby boy.

This month has been full of milestones / changes. You have taken most of them in stride, though they have made for some interrupted naps these days. I honestly think that this has been the best month so far, but I suspect that I’ll say that every month.

You have become SO curious. You want to touch everything, you notice what’s going on around you… which means that you also know when daddy or I leave the room and that doesn’t always make you happy. You are grabbing at everything, including my hair and lips and glasses (and everyone else’s).

There was a day this month that I will never forget – that’s the day that I swear you said “mama”. Jo heard it too. The context was right (you were upset and looking at me to fix it), but I know that it is super early and therefore unlikely that you said it on purpose. You haven’t said it since, but I for sure heard it. Obviously I cried.

I am of two minds when it comes to you growing up. I am trying to be in the now each day, but I also love to think about a few months from now when you’ll be on the move, when we’ll (hopefully) be passed the teething, and when you’ll be calling my name all of the time. I try not to think too far ahead because I don’t want to wish this time away. I want to cherish all of the moments that I have been blessed with.

You’ve been a bit distracted during our nursing sessions lately – growth spurt? Wonder week? Combine the distraction with the new teeth and I wonder every day how much longer we’ll be able to keep this up. Based on where we were 6 months ago, I can’t believe that I am saying this, but I am really going to miss our nursing sessions whenever we decide to call them quits. That quiet time first thing in the morning and just before you go to bed at night are my favorite times of the day.

You have been eating solids like a champ this month. You’re really into savory foods and less into fruit. Both apples and pears took a couple of tries for you to really like them. You picked up kale and broccoli right away – you even cried when they were “all done”. We’ve been taking your food with us if we go out for lunch on the weekend and you seem to be totally into eating with us. You in a high chair is THE BEST. You LOVE looking around and taking it all in and seeing you dance in your seat when you’re trying and liking a new food is awesome and hilarious. I’m pretty certain you got the dancing in your chair from your dad.

We still go to swimming lessons every Friday and I continue to be impressed with how brave you are in the water. Every week someone comments to me about how happy you look. I think that you enjoy the water, but I also think that you enjoy the silly songs that we sing.

So many silly songs right now.

Whenever you are feeling fussy you calm down immediately if we play music or sing to you. My repertoire of children’s songs is growing, but you seem to like the same few over and over again. Your latest favorites include “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, “Alice the Camel” and “Old Mac Donald”. Mr. Mac Donald has gotten a LOT of new animals on the farm in the last few weeks – I think it will be more fun when I am not the one making all of the animal noises and clapping my hands, but for now, I do what I can to earn a smile or laugh from my favorite boy.

Learning to sit was a huge milestones this month. One day you weren’t sitting and then the next day you were — crazy. You’re still a bit confused about how to put yourself in the seated position, but when you’re there you seem to like it. You are kind of obsessed with your feet and reach to them constantly – touching them and, more recently, pulling them to your mouth.

You make “raspberries” all day and you’re back to being chatty. I love the raspberries… except when you have food in your mouth. Between the raspberries and the sitting and the learning to give hugs… SUCH a fun month. You make your daddy and me giggle daily – mainly trying to get you to laugh. When you are smiley and laughing my heart is so very happy.

Watching you grow is my absolute pleasure. I find myself saying things like, “He’s just so awesome I can’t stand it!” when people ask “How’s Simon?”.

I am totally in love, baby boy.

Keep growing and stay curious Simon. I love you. We love you. Always.



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4 thoughts on “6 Months (on the sixth!)

  1. I swear to you that I cannot handle his cuteness. I will say it every time I see a photo. But I’m NOT KIDDING. He is for sure, 100% the cutest baby boy I have ever seen in my entire life.

    Okay, and as for everything else – I want to see these milestones too! And hear him say mama! That’s HUGE. I would cry too.

    Why, may I ask, do you mean by “making raspberries”??? So curious.

    Can he teach Isla to eat?

  2. It’s such a fun time, they are so alert and interested in what is happening around them. I keep thinking I have heard Clara say mama but not sure if it’s just wishful thinking!

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