7 Months

Dear Simon,

I can’t believe how much you’ve grown and developed this month. It’s crazy to think about just how far we’ve come since June. Every morning I walk into your room to such a happy baby (after the initial cries or babbling to let us know you’re awake). You see me or daddy and your eyes light up. That moment makes my whole day.

This month has been both really awesome and really hard. The stuff that threw me off this month (traveling to Mexico) had you rolling with the punches, but the last week or so you’ve been a bit out of sorts. Your sleep has been interrupted, making us all a tad more fussy than normal. Your new awareness of people and distance is very cool, but you definitely don’t like when I leave the room. Secretly, I kind of like being wanted so much and I love seeing the recognition on your face when I come back into view. There have been extra tears this month, but also so much goodness…

There has been so much good this month that it really outweighs the hard stuff. To start with, I swear that your smile is bigger and brighter than it’s been in the past. Maybe it’s that your neck is more pronounced, that you have 2 big white teeth on the bottom, or your hair is getting longer, but I am convinced that your smile is bigger. You’re laughing all of the time – at the silliest things, like me coughing, peek-a-boo, yawning, or saying words like “push”. I make it my goal every day to figure out what is funny on that particular day and once I find it you better believe that I repeat and repeat and repeat, laughing right along with you.

The best is when daddy or I make a noise or do something that you try to imitate. The other day when you were in the carrier, you looked up at me and started making the same silly, high-pitched “ah” sound that I make when we play peek-a-boo. The back and forth went on for about 5 minutes. Cutest thing ever.

You love playing with your toys and once you have hold of one that keeps you content you won’t put it down, even if another one piques your interest, making it difficult to pick up another toy. You haven’t quite figured out how to hold more than one toy at a time in the same hand, hard as you try. You’re starting to favor your right hand, I think, though you easily pass objects from one hand to another. You grab at everything that you can get your hands on but your favorite thing to grab is whoever’s face is closest. Lips, ears, glasses, and hair are not safe, but I have to admit that having your tiny hands exploring my face is pretty cute. You still try to get everything into your mouth, including, occasionally, my nose.

You’re showing little interest in crawling but are constantly on the move in the form of rolling from place to place and have started to pull yourself up on occasion. When you want something that you can’t reach you just roll until you get it. You roll and you stand with assistance – you love standing and actually end up losing your balance because you’re bouncing with happiness. You are sitting straighter, so daddy and I don’t worry as much that you’re going to tip over if we’re not next to you. You are starting to lift your arms when you want to be picked up, which is one of my favorite developments this month.

You love food. I can’t think of any foods that you’ve tried and not liked, though fruit isn’t your favorite. You ate from pouches when we were in Mexico, which was different because we usually make your food. You ended up wanting to feed yourself directly from the pouch rather than via spoon, which means that you inadvertently learned how to suck and can now use a straw. You love eggs and avocado for breakfast and enjoy drinking water from a sippy cup. You’re now getting two solid food servings per day, in addition to 5-6 nursing sessions. You try to feed yourself at every meal – maybe we’re just not moving quite fast enough for your taste.

We call you lots of different nicknames, but Bug seems to be sticking. You turn your head in the direction of our voices and are responding to your name sometimes. We sing constantly and you are immediately calmed with music – your favorite toy remains the Take Along Tunes and so we do, we take it along almost everywhere.

You found your scream (shriek?) this month, which is both endearing and really loud. You like to hear your voice a LOT… especially when it’s otherwise quiet. You are SO curious – curious and squirmy, an interesting combination. Taking pictures this month was “fun” with all of the squirming and shrieking… I swear you smiled, they just ended up blurry because you smile and kick at the same time.

With all of the development happening, it still feels like a daily game of trial and error, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. You’re keeping us on our toes baby boy. We love you like crazy. Keep growing, keep telling your stories, keep rollin’.

xx. Mommy

Simon | 7 Months-1 Simon | 7 Months-2 Simon | 7 Months-3 Simon | 7 Months-4 Simon | 7 Months-6

Pictures were taken by me and should not be reused without permission.

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4 thoughts on “7 Months

  1. L.O.V.E.

    First, Sasha calls Ivana (his sister) Bug and she calls him Bug. So I call them both Bug. And the fact that Simon is Bug is just perfect.

    Second, I love him. And haven’t even met him. Those photos are too cute!

    Third, I love the exploring hands too – even up the nose. But not when the nails need trimmed!

    Fourth, A STRAW? Ohmygosh Simon. Why can’t he teach Isla his eating and drinking ways?? He is a pro.

    Let’s meet.

    • A. we have met 🙂
      B. Simon and Isla need to be buddies.
      C. let Isla feed herself from one of the Organic pouches (we like plum brand) and the straw thing will happen automatically – though when Simon drinks from a straw he ends up getting too much water at once, he’s still to little to know when to stop 🙂
      D. Hey Bugs….

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