8 Months

Dear Simon,

EIGHT MONTHS. That is 4 months away from ONE YEAR. Time flies. These days you are looking much more like a boy and much less like a baby and watching you grow is the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.

You are growing, Simon. In height, in weight, in ability, in personality… everything about you is growing and changing and I love every minute of it. Your personality is starting to come through and l just adore it. There are moments when I think “Simon looks and acts just like his dad” and then a few minutes later your dad will say, “you look just like mommy right now”.

I can tell you that you’re definitely a little stubborn, a trait that you unfortunately inherited from both of us – you had no chance.

As an example, aside from reaching ahead of you, almost until you tip over, and doing a little rocking, you still show very little interest in crawling – you get mad at the mere suggestion. You do, however, LOVE to walk. You want to hold on to everything that seems about the right height and although your balance isn’t quite there you just want to move. You walk with assistance regularly and then celebrate with a cute booty shake happy dance every time you take a few steps (you get the booty shaking from both of us too, you had no chance :)).

The smile and the booty shaking… you slay me, Simon.

You are a pretty calm kid. Everyone who meets you says, “is he always this content?” and the answer is yes, totally chill unless you are hungry or tired. Even then, as long as you are being held, you are a mostly happy little bug.

This month you’ve discovered that rolling a ball is really one of the best things in the world. Your coordination isn’t quite on point (you get that from me), but it makes you really happy when we say “YAY!!!” after you do something cool, like roll the ball right to us. You’ve started waving when we say “hi” or “bye bye” and that might be the cutest thing that I’ve ever seen… well, even cuter is when we say “can you give XYZ a kiss?” and then YOU DO. Seriously. Such a love.

You really like to give “fives” but you won’t give them to just anyone. You’re apprehensive around new people but warm up quickly, especially if they make funny faces or don’t try to immediately swoop you up. You give strangers the stink eye who shouldn’t really have their face anywhere close to yours (no idea where you get that from :)).

One of my favorite things this month has been watching your bond with your daddy grow. You’ve always been close because your daddy is pretty special, but you’ve also been a bit partial to mom (which I don’t mind one bit). Last night you were laying on your changing table and your daddy was making you laugh SO hard. THAT moment… that’s the one that I will hold in my heart for a million years… that sound, that genuine love… unbeatable.

I had no idea that I could worry so much or love someone so much, but as it turns out, not one other thing in this world matters to me as much as you… you give me a balanced perspective that has been missing from my life for too long. When you laugh or smile or do something new you turn your daddy and me into a big pile of mush. Our love for you is never ending and we will always be your biggest fans, Little Dipper.

You are 8 months of pure awesome. Keep growing baby.



I declare it nearly impossible to take photos of an 8 month old on the move. I seriously need to work on my quick reflexes – no time to fine tune the settings if I want to capture this sweet boy.

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  1. OH. Dear. Ohhh dear. I am done for. He slays me too. Those photos are the cutest ever. And waving? And booty shaking? It is cruel that we do not live in the same city (do you hear this J and S???). Isla and Simon have the world’s most crazy and perfect hair. Love them!!!!!!!!!!!

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