9 weeks.

Dear Simon,

9+ weeks, can you believe it? I can’t! You are growing and changing every day, which is so awesome to watch. We have had some bumps and learning curves but I know that these little bumps won’t last forever – unfortunately neither will your wanting to cuddle, hold my hand and give social smiles at the sound of my voice.

I wish that I could say that I have gotten less stressed than I was a few weeks ago, but the truth is, the stress just changes. I worry about you all day every day, which I suppose I should get used to. I can’t totally pinpoint what I am worried about so I summarize it to “everything”. I didn’t know that I could feel this way, but now I understand when people talk about having kids… “it changes you”.

When I watch you from afar I can’t help but think, “there goes my heart, beating outside of my body”. Watching you grow will be a gift that I will never take for granted.

Aside from me and daddy, you have a huge fan club. Your aunts and uncles, cousins,  and grandparents love you like crazy. Everyone that meets you talks about how alert you are and how much personality you have. They also love your spiked hair – I have to say that I agree… you are really growing into your features and becoming more handsome every day.

You’re going to bed like a champ at night (though you still wake to feed) and you’re getting better with your naps, which is awesome. I secretly love when you want to nap with me in your chair or on the couch, but the doctor said that I’m creating a bad habit, so in an effort to give you the gift of good sleep and independence, I am going to make those fewer.

I am proud to report that the pediatrician says that you are completely healthy! Your two month check-up ended in some tears from vaccines, but otherwise you were a rockstar. Unfortunately for all of us, I think we may have to start using “cry it out” soon. The doctor said that we can and should start in the next couple of weeks. I’m sorry in advance – this is going to be rough on all of us, I think. Maybe you could just sleep through the night / take better naps on your own before then? Yesterday you slept for 2 huge naps and then slept awesome at night – maybe you’re starting to realize how precious sleep is?! Please?!…

You seem to like your crib and your room. You love to look at the pictures with patterns and contrast. This morning you were looking at the map very intently – hopefully studying all of the places that you wish to travel someday. I want to show you the world, Simon. It’s a pretty magical place.

You laughed yesterday when I was singing silly songs and you seemed like a little boy, not a baby. It’s crazy how quickly you’ve grown. Hopefully we can always laugh at each other.

I love you, bug, for ever and always.

xx. mommy

Simon Ottoman





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  1. These photos are so good, Mara!! And yes, I totally teared up reading this post. I get the heartbeat beating outside of your body sentiment. Hooray to healthy doctor visit – and I agree, he gets cuter and cuter every day. I cannot wait to meet and hug this little angel.

    PS Exciting re: map reading. I need to put the travel bug in Isla too!