a day…

I am having…a day. A walk around in circles and not get anything accomplished day.  Awesome.

In other news…

  • I ran my farthest run so far (this go round) yesterday.  It was hard, but I kept pushing. I think the fact that I have made my running challenge public makes me push harder. That and Ludacris’ lyrical genius in my ear.  Tomorrow I have an even harder run – and they get progressively harder from here. Just move my legs, right? F…
  • In 1.5 weeks I am seeing 3 of my favorite women. I am beyond excited about this.  It seems like it’s been WAY too long.
  • I HATE the feeling of having a ton to do but not being able to do it because I don’t have answers or am relying on others for something before I can start. HATE.
  • I have 2 vacations planned with J in the near future and I want them to be here NOW. Actually, I’d prefer not to work at all and be wealthy enough to go on vacations all of the time.  Too much to ask?
  • I have yet to start watching Girls and now 2 other people have said that I remind them of the weird girl.  I either have to stop acting weird or people need to stop interpreting my coolness as weird.  I’m going to go with the latter – learn to read awesomeness, people. JEEZ.
  • I want Orange or Purple Beats.  I would never use them because I’d either a) be afraid that I’d lose them or break them or b) be afraid that I look weird too cool walking down the street in my purple Beats.  I keep seeing them though and I think they’re REAL pretty. On others.
  • J and I started watching Breaking Bad on Sunday night. It’s probably not a great idea to watch potentially addicting shows the night before I leave for work for the week and have to get up early.  It’s disturbingly good – like Dexter I suppose.  
  • PSA – Fiber One brownies are delicious. Chocolate chip and chocolate fudge are my favorite.  You’re welcome. 

I think that’s enough ridiculous randomness for one night.

Happy almost hump day.

0 thoughts on “a day…

  1. i have those kind of days all the time. and then get to the end and think– what did i DO all day?!?!?
    i don’t watch girls, but you sort of make me want to.
    and where are you going on vacay????
    and GET HERE SOON.