Adventures in Daycare – Day 1

Today was Simon’s first day of daycare.

Well wait, let’s back up for a second.

We have had a nanny watching Simon since he was 4 months old. It was always Simon, my niece and the nanny (2 different ones). That seemed like a solid plan for a really long time, but as Simon got older and we moved and M moved and there was a new baby in the mix (my nephew), it made sense that we consider alternative plans for S.

Daycare was appealing over getting our own nanny because I don’t want S to grow up to be a jerk and it seemed like a good way to teach him at a young age that he has to share, be nice, and follow directions.

We were on the wait list for a daycare in our area for about 6 months, so my comfort with this plan grew. And then a couple of months ago we were told, “they’re opening a new class for kids S’s age, interested?”… so we got on board and all of the sudden I am going overboard ordering labels from Etsy with Simon’s name on them and wanting to iron his name into everything.

Iron name tags on ALL THE THINGS! Sticker all of the things!!!!

See when I go, I go all in.

Today though, as excited as we were, reality set in that I was leaving my baby in the hands of a stranger (or a few), that I wouldn’t get to run downstairs for a snuggle at lunch, and that he was going to have to face my ultimate worry – a cot at nap time.

When we walked in to the beautiful new classroom with tons of books, toys, climbing things, art supplies and music playing my head knew we had made the right decision and my heart felt really unbelievably sad.

Poor kid, mommy is a bit emotional. Just wait until I send you off to your first sleep over. 🙂

J and I stayed for 30 minutes – most of which Simon ignored us and was dancing to music, pulling toys off of shelves, climbing on mats, or walking in circles admiring all of the new things he could touch and play with.

We quietly left him alone to read with one of the teachers and apparently he did great. According to the main teacher, about a 1/2 hour after we left he seemed to notice that we weren’t there and got a bit worried, but it was short lived. She said, “he is the youngest but he was tough!”. I don’t know what that means, hopefully not that he was a jerk (my worst nightmare).

He even eventually did ok with the cot at nap time too. He boycotted it at the start but by the end gave in to exhaustion and slept half on, half off the cot. Little dude did it. I feel really proud of him.

I spent my day holding back tears and debating whether I should call and if so who, and what will I say, and should I just go there, etc…

In the end we both made it through day one. I’m proud of us. Big day.

He was SO very happy when I picked him up in the afternoon. He gave me a giant hug, but he didn’t really want to leave. He had marker all over his hands and face, he was giving teachers high fives, and he was acting like he owned the place.

I was pleasantly surprised to see how outgoing he was.

However, when we got home he was like a crazy kid. Rules, what rules? Manners, what manners?

We took him out to dinner to celebrate day 1 and he was HYPER. I have never seen him like that. He was happy yelling, fake burping, dancing in his high chair… Who taught him how to fake burp because that? I didn’t expect it for another few years.


J and I looked at each other and at the same time said, “they broke our baby…”.

I know that’s dramatic and hopefully a symptom of over-stimulation that he will just get used to, but wow…

He is now sleeping peacefully in his own bed and tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully he doesn’t learn any other new “tricks” like fake burping and my goodness I hope that we don’t have the class clown.

In the end, aside from a diaper mishap, the kid was unfazed. Just like his mama. Ha.