at 30 weeks…

  • Crave food and have to have it RIGHT then. And then I never want it again.
  • Really miss turkey deli meat. I could annihilate a Subway turkey on flatbread right now.
  • Haven’t had diet coke in 8 months. WHOA.
  • Feel the baby kick a little in the morning / throughout the day and a lot after dinner / near bedtime.
  • Have started to realize that I should probably read a bit about the baby and not just my pregnancy.
  • Am overwhelmed with things like calming colic (<– this is why I don’t read).
  • Am trying to keep up with Project Life to document this whole journey.
  • LOVE my body pillow even though the “great wall of pillow” makes the bed feel a little small sometimes.
  • Have grand plans to make burp cloths for myself and friends who are having babies around the same time. I heard from my sister in law and friend that they were pretty good.
  • Am starting to pick out art for the nursery and have realized that drawing to scale is not my strong suit as I try to envision a gallery wall above a 56″ dresser that hasn’t been delivered yet.
  • Get really excited when I see cute baby boy clothes and then realize that I really don’t need swim trunks for Mexico in December right. this. second.
  • Bought a new pair of Still Pants anticipating a lot of Still Pants wearing pre and post baby. My current pair are about 5 years old and holding strong across my expanding waistline. Thank you Lulu.
  • Am thinking about nannies and college and the need to win the lottery.
  • Weighing options for and against having a doula in the delivery room with me and J. Leaning more towards not having one at the moment.
  • Making my friends tell me every gory detail of labor and delivery. It’s usually not a pretty picture – until baby of course.
  • Having anxiety about prenatal classes at the hospital. Maybe not knowing is better? Then again, J and I are both extreme planners so we should probably know something.
  • Still purging, donating, organizing and selling things on Craigslist.
  • Feeling thankful for family and friends who are helping us bring this baby into a world with safe carseats, furniture and all of the massive amounts of baby things that we “need”.
  • Getting excited to see girlfriends come in and out of Chicago over the next 2 weeks.
  • Missing full night’s sleep.
  • Feeling stretched in every direction.
  • Still managing the gym albeit more slowly than even just a few weeks ago.
  • Am so glad that it’s a tad warmer.
  • Really wonder what this boy is going to look like. 
  • Question our choice of name almost hourly even though I do really like it.
  • Am trying to get things that need to be done after the baby arrives organized so that I don’t need to think about it when I have a few other things to worry about.
  • Am thankful that I will have this baby right before Summer so that we won’t feel trapped indoors.
  • Am not quite ready for the whirlwind changes that are coming.
  • Am SO SO SO grateful to have made it this far.

Keep growing and stretching baby.


0 thoughts on “at 30 weeks…

  1. oh gosh, I wish I could comment on every single bullet.

    1) He’s going to be SO CUTE.
    2) I haven’t read a darn thing about pregnancy or baby. I’m way behind. Going to start Babywise soon… I hope.
    3) I need some Still pants.
    4) You’re so good to be caught up on Project Life. I am way behind on Shutterfly and it’s only going to get worse. Time is FLYING by.
    5) I have some more baby announcements to share with you (and the rest of the world)
    6) Sasha said I could use a doula if I had a natural labor – no thanks
    7) We’re doing our first prenatal class on April 9… I’m nervous too! We’re doing “Prepared Childbirth” and a breastfeeding class.
    8) Isla kicks most when I’m bored during meetings. I swear it’s her nice way of trying to keep me awake.