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I haven’t written one of these posts in awhile so I figure that it is high time since we’re always exploring new books around here. Simon is still interested in books, but lately he is as interested in eating the book as he is listening to the story. Given this, I’m most interested in quick reads, books that have great pictures, and books where I can use silly voices to keep Simon interested.

Read close to daily here (more with my 2-year-old niece than with Simon), are Press Here and Mix it Up.


These are two great books that require the reader (or listener) to use their imagination as they move from page to page. My niece LOVES these books… it’s really cute to watch her shake the book and “mix” the colors, all the while imagining what might happen when the page is turned. It helps that our nanny pretends that M is doing all of the work to get the images to change.


Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site is a sweet story about how the different construction site vehicles end their day. A great end to our day, we have this one on regular rotation…

Go, Go, Go, Stop! is another favorite. The green spot says his first word (“Go!”) and the red spot says his first word (“Stop!”) and they have to work together to make sure that the town runs smoothly. It’s chaotic at first but they figure it out.


Chopsticks is a book that I love every time. Teamwork, friendship, witty banter… a cute read that keeps the adults giggling too.

Indestructible Books are well illustrated, almost wordless books that live up to their name. We have several of these and Simon has drooled, pulled, and bitten all of them. Lots. The colors are bright, the “stories” allow for education and imagination. One of the coolest features of these books? They’re washable. Seriously. Rip into one, they’re great.

We love Alphablock and more recently CountablockAlphablock is a beautifully illustrated A,B,C book with unique images. I love that each page is a cut out letter with a beautiful image behind it. A for “apple”…G for “garden”…Z for “zoom”… This is a book that always holds Simon’s attention – he’s a huge fan.

What books are you reading these days? We love book recommendations, please share in the comments!

I’ve mentioned Simon’s Aunt Cristin and her monthly book club here – she’s an always reliable supplier of quality books for Simon. Though these weren’t part of the monthly book club, she is always introducing us to new books.

If you’re interested in more frequent children’s book recommendations, Aunt Cristin writes a blog and talks about her favorite children’s books weekly. She’s certainly helping Simon build a great library and a love of reading…worth a read if your family loves books too.

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  1. LOVE THIS. Isla is all about eating books too – I read her ALL of the ones you got her while I’m feeding though. And she hears 10 Little Fingers and then Good Night, I Love You before bed. Short and sweet is good for now too – have you tried any of the Sandra Boynton ones? Those do the trick!

    • We have a bunch of Sandra Boynton books and like them… I’ve been sticking to Mo Willems and other quick reads… Simon is starting to be into the books again, at least before bed, but he just wants to hold them, which makes actual reading a bit difficult 🙂

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