baby & parenting from dad’s point of view.

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Now on to the good stuff…

My husband J tends to play the role of the planner, the over-thinker, the designer, the chef, and the handyman in our relationship. Almost four months ago he also took on the role of dad.

I thought it would be interesting to hear his point of view about parenting and life with an infant so far. We talk about these things, of course, but to hear his honest answers so directly was pretty fun. I interviewed him and documented the answers – the thoughts are all his. He’s a man of few words J.


Q: What was it like when I was pregnant?

A: Exciting and scary at the same time. I was constantly worried about whether I would be a good parent, how it would change our relationship, and whether we were making the right decision.

Q: When did you decide you were ready for the baby?

A: When you told me that you were pregnant…

Q: What did you do to prepare for the baby?

A: Tried to take advantage of the time that you and I had together – travel, go out more, and hang out with friends.

Q: I did a lot of “nesting” prior to Simon’s arrival – shopping, cleaning, etc. What kind of nesting did you do?

A: Painted the whole house. Cleaned out and organized every closet and room. I made lots of trips to the Salvation Army.

Q: What was it like to watch me give birth to our son?

A: Amazing. I was really proud of you. I wish I could have been more in the moment, but I was so exhausted… looking back on it I don’t feel that I was in the right state of mind to realize what was happening and how amazing it was.

Q: What was it like to see your baby for the first time?

A: Awesome and surreal. I felt relieved.


Q: What surprises you most about fatherhood so far?

A: The inexplicable feeling that I get when I see Simon smile and hear him laugh.

Q: What is the biggest challenge that you’ve experienced since bringing Simon home?

A: Balancing regular life with spending as much awake time as possible with Simon.


Q: What traits do you hope that Simon gets from you?

A: My sense of humor, my ability to be empathetic, my work ethic, my critical thinking skills, my artistic ability, and my appreciation for the things that I have in life.


Q: What do you miss most from your pre-baby days?

A: Freedom — the ability to go out with friends, not having to worry about what time I leave work to make home in time for bedtime, and not worrying that I am missing an opportunity to spend time with Simon.


Q: What is the best thing about Simon so far?

A: His laugh.

Q: Did you or do you feel an extra sense of responsibility now that there’s a baby? How?

A: Yes, of course. Everything. I am responsible for balancing my work and personal life, focusing on our finances, managing my time, trying to do my share in caring for Simon. I also feel responsible for making sure that you’re happy, though I have always felt that way.

Q: Simon is changing on a daily basis – what are you most looking forward to – now or in years to come?

A: Being able to talk to him.


Q: What advice do you have for dads to be?

A: Make the most of the time that you have with your kid from the second the baby is born.

Q: Another baby or a puppy next?

A: Neither.

Ha. We’ll see about that last answer – I agree that neither are going to happen for a long time, but I don’t necessarily agree that there won’t be a “next” :).

Thanks for letting me interview you, J.


So, experienced dads, what advice do you have for J? We’ve only got 4 months under our belt and so so so much to learn, I’m sure of it.


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  1. I LOVE THIS! Ohh, James! I want to meet you. Mainly so I can experience:
    Your sense of humor, your ability to be empathetic, your work ethic, your critical thinking skills, your artistic ability, and your appreciation for the things that I have in life.

    Was this a declaration that he’s funnier than you??

    Such a sweet idea. And I agree – no more babies any time soon!

    • J is NOT funnier than me. Thankyouverymuch 🙂
      He would say yes, I say no.
      We can do a comedy routine when we see you – you can be the judge. Hint, I am funnier.