baby steps.

One of the things that I swore I would learn if I ever had a) time and b) a MacBook is photoshop and illustrator.  I know a little – enough to think that I know what I am doing, at least.  Thank goodness for google.

A few weeks ago I told my brother that I was going to purchase a MacBook and he told me that I could have his old one.  My brother’s version of an “old” computer is very conservative, so I knew that I was going to be adopting a very nice machine and he didn’t make me pay a dime for it.  He even taught me a few shortcuts.  That big brother of mine isn’t so bad after all :).

Anyway… since I’ve had a little time at home the last few weeks, I’ve been spending some time learning a bit about the tools that I, yes, could have learned on a PC, but refused even though J has the software AND is pretty good at using it.

What have I done? Nothing too fancy… but I did create a must have list for my friend Anna.  She’s a doll, that one.

I sent her a list of must have items from the Orla Kiely line at Uniqlo (they don’t ship) and she kindly picked up almost everything that same day.


I love friends who are as nutty and persistent as I am…and who don’t get mad when I call 3 times in an hour.

THANK YOU ANNA (and p.s. this is why you can’t ever move from NYC.  Selfish much?).  I hope that they all fit 🙂

Maybe one of these days I’ll make something worthwhile.

Learning is progress, right? Starting small, starting small…