baby’s first food.

After our 4 month check-up on Friday we were told that we could start giving Simon “solid” foods whenever we wanted. I had been feeling like he was probably ready for the last couple of weeks, so it was nice to be told that we could start at the 17 week mark.

I always assumed that we were supposed to start with a cereal of some sort, but our pediatrician told us to start with anything we wanted. We are only offering a very small amount of food for a snack 1x per day at the moment. It’s not meant to replace any nursing sessions, but our pediatrician suggested that it would be good to get him used to a spoon, and tasting new foods.

I consulted my 201 Organic Baby Purees cookbook that I received as a shower gift and it was awesome. The book breaks up food suggestions by stages, so anything in the ‘first stage’ is essentially liquid and “safe” and it builds from there.

201 purees

J and I decided that rather than starting with food that is sweet (e.g. bananas), we would start with a vegetable. Our thought is that if that if Simon likes veggies he will likely try anything. So, we started with organic broccoli and the Simply Broccoli recipe (page 51). The recipe is pretty simple with a cup of broccoli (no stems / leaves) and 2 cups of water.

We used a Beaba baby food maker to turn the broccoli into a very fine, almost liquid, puree. The recipe made at least a full cup of puree – he’s been eating it for 4 days (1x per day as a snack) and there’s a good amount left.

Simon was initially a bit apprehensive about this new “thing” we were offering him, but he pretty quickly decided that it was delicious.

First taste

The first bites with a full lean into the spoon as he gets more comfortable…

excited Happily asking for “more please!” 🙂


“Yum, let’s do that again soon, ok?!”

We have now been doing solid foods for several days and each day Simon seems to enjoy it a bit more, which is so fun to witness. Those smiles are my everything these days.

What baby food purees are you making that your kids seem to love? Any good recipes to share?

I think we’re going to try sweet potato next. We also have carrots and peas lined up. We were told to try a single food for at least 3 days to ensure that there is no allergic reaction, so it’s a bit slow introducing new foods, but it’s super exciting for all of us. I would love to hear what you’re making!

Have you ever checked out the Baby Prep Sundays website? I follow them on Instagram and find that they share a lot of great recipes and storage solutions. It’s worth checking out.


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  1. Ah, he is getting so big!!! How much does he weigh? We take Isla tomorrow for the first time since her 6 week shots. Crazy! I am so impressed with how easily he is eating the purees!! You are such a pro mom. I will need your help when we start!

    • He is big! He weighs 16.5 lbs! I am pretty sure you’re a pro mom, so no worries, but of course, happy to provide recipes. They’re difficult. Steam, add water, puree and puree some more. 🙂

  2. I’ve loved using this book and used it with all three of the menagerie:

    We always started at six months and started with orange foods (why did they tell us this?) so we did squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, etc. Like you, saved fruits until the end. As he gets older, it’s fun to make your own combinations. Apple + chicken was always a fave as pureed chicken has a horrible texture. Blech!

    Owe you an email!

  3. Your boy couldn’t be any cuter, could he? No really.

    Solids are funnnn. Especially once he’s old enough to manage slightly chunky textures, coz 1) I hate using the blender and 2) blended meat just gives me the willies.

    Michael loves sweet potato. It’s his staple. Pumpkin is another good one. Huge fan of egg yolk too, has iron and choline and protein and fat. Avocado. I let him taste what I am eating sometimes if its relatively salt/sugar free. I have totally disrespected the three day rule because I have no patience or organization skills for that, but then my family doesn’t have allergic history and he’s all good so far.

    Have fun!

  4. Avocado is a great first food, anything with omegas are great for their little brains. Scrambled egg yolks are also good. We held off on grains until after the first birthday, I think it’s a little easier on their tummies. Another favorite is plain full fat organic yogurt mixed with any pureed veggie or fruit. Yogurt is great for probiotics and digestion. It is actually very easy to make your own yogurt at home, too. (No need for a yogurt maker or special equipment.)

    • Awesome! Thanks for the suggestions. I think we may do egg next. We did broccoli first and now sweet potatos… eggs would be pretty easy 🙂 With the scrambled eggs did you then puree them further? How do you reduce the “chunk” factor?

      • No need to puree them… they turn out pretty soft. Just use the yolks only, scramble them up in a pan with a little coconut oil, and if they are still too chunky for your baby, you can thin them out with a little breastmilk or formula. Just whisk it in warm until you get the consistency you like.

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