Baby’s First Hanukkah

There is so much talk of Christmas and elves on shelves these days that I thought that I would throw a little Hanukkah into the mix.

I am excited to start creating new traditions with Simon and Hanukkah is definitely one of the holidays that I am looking forward to. My family was never big on Hanukkah decor, but we always lit the menorah for 8 nights and exchanged a few gifts. When I moved out on my own I did a little more Hanukkah decorating, but still not much. I doubt we’ll do much more with Simon because in the grand scheme of things, Hanukkah is not a major Jewish holiday. That said, there is still some magic associated with it and I want Simon to understand the traditions and enjoy the holiday.

This year I’ll likely add a few things to our limited decorations. I may add a Happy Hanukkah banner to our traditional menorah(s) and kitschy light-up menorah decor. I might even go wild and pull out our Hanukkah dish towels. Whoa.

For those of us who don’t celebrate Christmas or celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas, I thought that I would put together a little gift guide for Baby’s first Hanukkah. It can be hard to find cute Hanukkah decor and gifts, so I am directing you right to the sources. Let me know if you decide to get any of these… I really love the Pottery Barn Kids Wooden Menorah and I already bought Simon and the Bear because, well… Simon. Also, I’m a sucker for children’s books.

Hanukkah Collage

Wooden MenorahSimon and the Bear | Hanukkah Bowtie for Baby | Latke Onesie & Leg Warmers | Dreidel | How do Dinosaurs Say Happy ChanukahHanukkah Placemat | Menorah PJs | Hanukkah String Lights | Whale Menorah

Check out Etsy for more gift ideas – there are some very cute onesies like this one or this one, for example.

As a reminder, Hanukkah starts on December 16th this year and goes until the 24th. Happy celebrating!

Oh, and if you are inclined to compete with the sneaky little elves, there’s a Hanukkah equivalent Mensch on a Bench. We will not be adding the Mensch to our holiday traditions this year. 🙂

Speaking of gifts, have you joined the Pediped Shoes giveaway yet? The giveaway ends on 12/10 at midnight EST.

11 thoughts on “Baby’s First Hanukkah

  1. Really a mensch on a bench?! What are those elves on shelves anyways? Everyone at work was talking about it! Apparently furbys are the hit toys of the year for younger kid, but those baby toys are super cute!!!

  2. We got Evan that Pottery Barn menorah last year and he LOVED IT!!! We left it out long after Hanukkah because he was having so much fun playing with it. Those PJs are so cute too!

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