back at it.

This seems like a life long struggle, journey, whatever you want to call it…I mean, this time I have a really good reason for “falling off”, but still, getting back on is always the hardest part.

A couple of weeks ago, ok, maybe about 6 or 7 now, I decided it was high time to get off my hide and get back to the gym and counting my steps again with my Fitbit.

No more “I just had a baby and I am exhausted” excuses.

No more “I’ll start again, but maybe tomorrow…”.

I knew that I needed to get back to start finding my energy again, not to mention starting to feel like myself again.

I feel SO much better when I am exercising. Sometimes I absolutely hate every minute, but I ALWAYS feel good afterward.

I am back with my trainer who is kicking my behind. Initially he only wanted to meet with me 1x per week because of my lack of sleep, but now we’re back to 2x per week and it’s awesomely difficult.

I worked out almost my entire pregnancy, until about 36 weeks (and then I still walked (or waddled?) daily), but I am still so out of shape. Getting back into a routine of 4+ times a week at the gym has been really good for me both mentally and physically.

I am working out at night instead of in the morning and that’s been really hard to get used to. I prefer the 5:30AM workout because then I am done for the day, but given that Simon like to wake up between 5:30 and 7 I don’t want him to wake-up and have to wait for me to come home to nurse. A 7PM time is nice because I am able to put Simon to bed (and J is home by then too), but if we’ve had a tiring day it’s pretty hard to feel motivated to sweat for an hour and then eat a late dinner.

Hello self-motivation, please sit down and stay a long, long while.

I’ve been counting my steps again too and am pleasantly surprised with how many I am getting by just playing with Simon, running up and down the stairs too many times during the day, doing things around the house, and taking walks. I am nowhere near where I was when I was running multiple times a week, but I’ll get there, I hope.

I go back to work in a month-ish (ugh) and I am not sure how we’ll possibly fit it all in. I am trying not to think about that too much because I really want to enjoy the remainder of my maternity leave, but it crosses my mind multiple times a day. How will we fit it in? How will I be able to spend as much time with Simon as possible M-F and still work, etc… unfortunately I am not a millionaire though I have dreamed about it a lot lately.

Any tips for making it all fit into a day?

From a personal perspective, Simon is my number 1 priority, obviously, but a close second is working out (and J is at the top of that list too :)).

I am thinking about trying some workout videos that I can do when Simon is napping and/or when I can take a work break since I will still be working from home when I go back to work (so thankful). Any great ones to recommend?

The daily battle to ensure that I am eating right and getting exercise is one that I’ve struggled with for too long… hopefully I can pick up where I left off because honestly, I was kicking ass a few months ago.

On that note, I better put on my sneakers because Simon will be up from his nap soon and we are going on a walk!

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  1. Good for you!! I can’t wait to be back in Houston and go to the gym 4x a week! And PT twice a week is great. My PT was at BP (for free!), so I’ve lost that luxury. And I cannot work out at night… but I’m going to have to as well (even though the new gym I may join has daycare… too soon??). I want a Fitbit! They’re so much better than the Nike Fuel Band. As for video, my very fit friend friend highly recommends Piyo! I may give it a try. xoxo

  2. I’ve heard good things about Piyo too… May check it! I don’t know how I feel about daycare at the gym, but great option!