I’m back, at least physically. Mentally, I may still be on the beach in Mexico.



J and I spent a week in Mexico with his family over the Christmas holiday. It was warm and sunny and fattening. We managed to play an hour (sometimes 2) of tennis every day, but somehow I don’t think it quite made up for the all-inclusive food.

On our last day in Mexico I managed to fall knee first onto a concrete floor (hey sore knee and bruise that won’t go away) and J managed to catch a horrible cold.

Now J is sort of over his cold but he lovingly shared it with me. I have laryngitis, which sounds really sexy on conference calls, and I am hacking up a lung every other minute – so fun.

2013 started off pretty well with a trip to zoo lights and a yummy dinner, but since either J or I have been sick since before NYE, there’s been a parade of my family here visiting my niece and I threw another baby shower for one of my best friends on Saturday, I think I need another vacation :).

More on the baby shower in another post because I think I might need to start a baby shower throwing business. I kind of love it… and if I were being paid…hmm…

Ok, my Kleenex box and I are moving to the couch.

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  1. Looks gorgeous! I wish Sasha would play tennis with me (he thinks it would be “frustrating” – reaaaaaaaal rude!). I would happily go on vacation with you right now, or start that baby shower party business!!! Please move to Texas, now.

    Get better soon!!!!!!!