Bienvenido a Mexico

Last Saturday we traveled to Mexico from Chicago and while we had a couple too many exciting adventures, the trip was, overall, quite good. It was a very different kind of vacation than I am used to, though I have, of course, never traveled with a 6.5 month old.  Dealing with naps, sunscreen, nursing, solids, and bedtimes in addition to 10 other people’s schedules was much different than only worrying about how much time I have in the sun or how many books I’ll devour by the pool.

I didn’t come home with much of a tan, but did have a chance to relax by the pool (under a palapa) for a few hours most days. Having extra sets of hands to help was also nice, but it certainly didn’t relieve me and J of our parental duties, especially because we are pretty diligent with our naps, feeding, and bedtime schedules.

Balancing our desire to keep Simon on a schedule with family dinner times was…interesting… most nights it meant that I stayed in the room with Simon and figured out dinner later. That was by choice because we are picky about following a routine, but it felt uncomfortable too.

Highlights of the trip include:

  • Simon meeting family that he hadn’t met before
  • Warm, gorgeous weather
  • Warm breezes blowing through our palapa each day
  • Simon’s hats by iPlay, Baby Gap, and Old Navy
  • Fresh crepes at the resort cafe
  • Tacos at a local restaurant in Playa del Carmen (my mouth is watering just thinking about it)
  • Tons of steps on my fitbit each day
  • Playing with Simon in the pool – we borrowed this float from his cousin and it was perfect
  • Reading a little bit – I can’t decide if I actually liked the book though
  • No responsibilities outside of taking care of Simon

I wouldn’t call these highlights…:

  • Car seats and borrowed cribs
  • Having to walk ~15-20 minutes to get anywhere – huge resort and a stroller meant that we had to walk (versus golf cart) and it took a really long time to get everywhere which made managing dinners, pool time, naptime and bedtime that much more difficult
  • For some reason I have about 3 pictures of me and J and Simon together and they’re all terrible for one reason or another – note to self, take more photos of the 3 of us
  • Flight delays on the return trip and a baby who dislikes napping outside of a crib

I think that Simon really liked being around his family and he was pretty enamored with his Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. Being spoiled by his Lolo and Lola didn’t hurt either…


We stayed in the Grupo Vidanta resorts in Riviera Maya, which is a collection of many resorts on one property. We’ve been to the same location twice now and enjoyed our stay both times. The pools are gorgeous and they are doing a ton of renovations to make the property even better. The beach was noticeably improved from our last visit a couple of years ago.

Honestly, as hard as it is to travel with a baby, I am so glad that we were given this opportunity. I know that it’s good for Simon to see the world and start to develop a love for travel and it’s good for me to learn to take many more deep breaths. I told myself over and over again, especially at the airport, that if I had a smile, Simon would have a smile. It usually worked.

Until next time, Mexico…

Pictures were taken by either me or my husband. Please use only with permission.

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4 thoughts on “Bienvenido a Mexico

  1. These photos are perfect!! I love them. So sweet. Especially the family shot. Simon looks so happy and you look beautiful!! I love the swim suit too! I just know we’ll be staying in for dinner too in Europe because we do not mess with Isla’s schedule, much to the annoyance of (seemingly) everyone. Everything gets screwy when she’s not in bed at 6:30.

    So glad you had fun though – especially splashing around the pool with Simon! xoxo

    • Thanks, Ailee. I got a couple of new suits before we left and they’re both the same brand – one from Anthro, one from Amazon. Seafolly. I LOVE them. I had a bikini of theirs long ago and so I repurposed the bottoms with a Target tankini too. Definitely a new favorite brand.

      Maybe Europe will be easier because Isla will be slightly older and naps likely more consistent?? Is she a good stroller napper? Simon is NOT, unfortunately. xx.

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