catching up.

I have a lot of catching up to do. The last few weeks have been a mix of raw emotion and I just haven’t gotten my feet under me enough to put words on paper. Work has been busy, life has been busy and even with the best intentions my time to write has been non-existent. I read a blog today (because I still manage time to procrastinate, apparently!) that was so blatantly honest that it touched me in a 100 ways that I am positive the writer didn’t intend. I figure if it was therapeutic to read it would probably be equally as great to just write. So write I am. Or right I am. You decide :).

Let’s start from a couple of weekends ago because that’s about as far back as I can remember at this moment.

One of my very favorite people and one of my very closest friends moved across the world, back home, to Australia. While it was ultimately the right decision for her it really sucked for me. Selfish much?

Karma and I haven’t been friends for very long. We met on a project a few years ago and over time she just became part of almost every weekend plan I made. She was one of the first people emailed or called when life was good and I knocked on her door to cry a few times too.

I still imagine that she’s just visiting and will be coming back in a few weeks to rejoin me on our quest to conquer every sale in Chicago, but sadly, she’s gotten a new Australia cell phone, joined a gym and is apparently enjoying being closer to her family (albeit includes 5AM wake-ups from her nieces that she doesn’t seem to enjoy quite as much).  I think she’s staying. I say this all in jest because as much as I miss my friend I know that she needed to do this. So Karma, I am not glad you are gone but I am glad that you are gone.




Thai food after boxing. Still feeling tough.


Trying tasty restaurants. This was RPM.


Old and grainy but makes me giggle. I think this was just after Karma showed J her famous dice roll dance move. 🙂Image

A few nights before she left her sister and I conspired to make her stay in the US. It didn’t work very well :).

When we went out to dinner on the night before I left town, which was a night before she was leaving town, I got out of the car to give her a hug and said “just go in or it’s going to be messy….” to which she looked at J and said, “take care of her.” It’s such a typical thing for Karma to say… she’s just got a huge heart and she certainly left a hole in mine.

Around the same time that Karma moved another friend got married, my niece started to walk with assistance (cutest 11 month old ever) and life for me has been as good as it’s been emotional.

I want to read but find that my eyes close less than 5 pages in every time. No matter how much earlier I go to bed.

I watched the Voice this week and decided that this guy was something special. I love this show. Every week. The judges are good and we all know that I love Adam. And when CeeLo tweeted about plaid leather after Blake kept stealing people that CeeLo liked I was in hysterics for the night (I’m easily amused).

Work is busy but I suppose that busy is better than boring.

This was the most random post ever, but hey, I wrote.

Life is generally good. Really good. I am thankful.


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  1. i love you. SO much.
    and that’s my favorite guy on the voice too.

    i think you are amazing.

  2. Thank you 🙂 As I was reading this I was getting teary and then my niece took my phone (where I was reading it) cause she wanted to play angry birds – how life has changed! I went to a big new shopping centre in Sydney the other day and wanted to tell you about all the American shops that have opened here but then got sad that I can’t shop them with you!! Even though I’m on the other side of the world, I’m still subconsciously expecting to spend my weekends with you!! Definitely a hard adjustment. I love these pics – very representative of our last few years. We are due for a FaceTime. Miss you.

  3. It’s good to hear from you. I was just talking about you at lunch today! Sasha said, “I think you miss Mara.” It’s true! I’m sorry that your dear friend moved away – it’s always a hard adjustment. Keep writing when you have time! I love reading.