25 Months

Dear Simon,

What a month! There were so many awesome things that happened this month, but namely you are talking more and more – forming sentences, which is amazing and awesome. I love that we are having more conversations. You ask “why?” ALL OF THE TIME, which admittedly is a little… it gets old… but I do hope that you’re always inquisitive — maybe just not about every.single.thing.

You are becoming a master bedtime procrastinator and for some reason think that it is super fun to run around your room until we catch you to put on PJs. You love this game and hide and seek at all times of the day – though you don’t quite get the hide part. When we pretend and say, “uh oh, where’s Simon?” you always say “right here!”. You also always hide in the same spot. It’s awesome to play with you because none of that matters – you laugh and have so much fun. Read More

23 Months

Dear Simon,

What a month! You are growing and changing at lightening speed and I swear that I turn around for one minute and you have new words, new “tricks”, and you’ve grown an inch. You really want to know what everything is and you are very much trying to figure out everything’s place in your world.

You are testing limits a bit more than you were, which I assume is about figuring it all out. If, for example, we ask you not to use your drum sticks on the wall you say, “here?” and point to the door. I say, “no, the drum or the carpet”. You say, “no? here?” and point to the window. I say, “no, the drum or the carpet”. You say “no? here?”…and this could go on for several minutes,¬†multiple times a day with only slight variances. Read More

22 Months

Dear Simon,

22 months going on 15 years. You are very sweet but, if I’m honest, you can be a little bossy too. “Sit… sit… SIIIIIIIT!” Good thing you’re cute.

You said your name for the first time this month and it was the best thing that I’ve ever heard. In the last couple of weeks your pronunciation of your name, among other words, has changed significantly. These days you’re coming home with about a new word (or 12) a day and it. is. awesome. You’ll repeat most words too, which is perfect except when I bump my foot and say “shit!” because… ya. Read More

21 Months

Dear Simon,

You are growing like a weed! I swear that this month, out of nowhere, you shot up and your 18-24 month clothes are too short in the arms and starting to look like high waters in the legs. It’s a look… but maybe not one that we should continue in the middle of winter.

We had some big changes this month – mainly moving from a nanny to daycare (we call it school because it sounds more exciting). You did great! I was surprised at how resilient you were – you walked into the classroom full of new things and you were immediately excited about all of the toys and books. You barely turned around to say goodbye and thankfully didn’t notice that I was teary. Read More

20 Months

Dear Simon,

What a month! This month, even in the last few days, you have grown in many ways. Your vocabulary is growing rapidly and your ability to repeat words is getting stronger – it’s pretty amazing.

You’ve started to connect a few words together and you have a few new phrases like, “uh oh”. Pretty cute, especially with the corresponding hands. The other day you also repeated your first bad word. Oops, time to be REALLY careful what we say around you.

I think my favorite development this month is that you consistently sing a couple of songs with me. When you know the chorus you sing it with me – mainly if it consists of doo doo doos. This makes my music loving heart VERY happy. Read More