Mom’s Around the Globe – Cumbria, England!

I am continuing the “Mom’s Around the Globe” blog series with Kiri from Cumbria, England.

About a year ago when I was on maternity leave I ran across Kiri’s blog – Kizzy and Izzy, and quickly realized that Kiri and I were living similar lives across the globe.

The internet is a funny thing – it brings us closer to people that we may never meet, but still makes people feel familiar and you can just tell that, if in the same room, you’d be friends. Cue me reading Kiri’s blog daily… I kept feeling like she was experiencing the newborn stage (but with much more experience!) a few days before me – it was like a glimpse into the future the first few months. Read More

Moms Around The Globe – London!

I have been a bit MIA from the blog over the last 2 weeks, which I can only attribute to a new, full-speed, completely consuming project at work. Unfortunately I am not a self-made millionaire, so work has to take first priority (after being mom, of course). That means that my evening hours where I normally blog have been spent working. Too much. I am hoping that the late working nights are going to slow down because I really miss blogging!

I had a moment of weakness last week when I thought I would throw it all up in the air and quit (both the job and the blog :)), but I decided that I don’t want to do that… I’ve worked too hard on the blog AND, I actually get good feedback about it… so, not quitting. Maybe slowing down, but not quitting. Read More