Rainy Day Craft Idea for Baby

Rainy Day Crafts | Hook, Thread & Tinker

It’s been raining on and off in Chicago (April showers bring May flowers, right?), Simon is on the move and into everything, and trips outside are a welcome break in the day. When it’s raining, we have to get a bit creative with playtime entertainment and trying to contain our active 10 month old. He can I can only run around the living room so many times with his scooter… (though I am fairly certain Simon would do this ALL day if allowed).

Last week we wanted to do some arts and crafts with Simon, but we didn’t want to clean paint up off the floor. I had the (genius?) idea to put Simon in our guest bathroom tub with some paper and washable paint and let him have fun. Nanny Jo had the great idea to tape the paper down so that it wouldn’t move. Smart :). Read More

Valentine’s Day Crafts for Kids

I am not much of a mushy Valentine’s Day lover, but the idea of kid crafts always gets my heart going. I perused the web and found some clever ideas for the littles… and yes, I included slime again (Valentine’s Themed!) because there’s been some serious slime love by my 2 year old niece these days…we even let Simon in on the slime action and he was a fan too (though his is inside a bag)…

I think I found some solid Valentine’s Day craft ideas… let me know what you think! Read More

Snow Day Entertainment for Kids

I’m always trying to think of sensory activities or ways to entertain Simon (7.5 months) and my niece (2 years) when they are at my house with the nanny. With the snowmaggedon like weather around the US this week, snow day activities feel like an appropriate blog post. Here are a few snow-themed ideas that I collected from around the web.

Bring the Snow Inside: Paint the snow, turn the snow into a sensory bin or “sandbox”…

Make a Snow GlobeI feel like my niece would love this one. Glitter, a small figurine, animal, or trees…what’s not to love? Read More

Hanukkah Crafts for Kids

Happy Hanukkah to those that celebrate – hopefully you’re enjoying the festivities! I am super jealous of those of you that enjoyed homemade brisket, latkes and other yummy food last night. We just didn’t get around to making a full Hanukkah meal… maybe later in the week, but I started an extremely limited sugar diet this week, so I am skipping the latkes and sufganiyot this year – sad! It was probably really silly for me to start a diet this week, but I could think of 100 excuses for there never to be a good time so I decided to do it. We’ll see how this goes :)… Read More

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

I am a huge fan of craft projects and themed craft projects are sort of my favorite these days. In searching for some ideas for things that I (or the nanny) could do with Simon, I came across quite a few ideas for projects that would work for younger kids.

The nanny (Joanna) created paper pumpkins this week with Simon and my niece (M). Simon wasn’t into the crafting (an observer only), but M seemed pretty entertained.  Jo prepped the supplies while M napped, but when she woke up she was excited about paper pumpkins. She especially liked the brads and picking the paper. At least someone is making use of my craft supplies! Read More