Bienvenido a Mexico

Last Saturday we traveled to Mexico from Chicago and while we had a couple too many exciting adventures, the trip was, overall, quite good. It was a very different kind of vacation than I am used to, though I have, of course, never traveled with a 6.5 month old.  Dealing with naps, sunscreen, nursing, solids, and bedtimes in addition to 10 other people’s schedules was much different than only worrying about how much time I have in the sun or how many books I’ll devour by the pool.

I didn’t come home with much of a tan, but did have a chance to relax by the pool (under a palapa) for a few hours most days. Having extra sets of hands to help was also nice, but it certainly didn’t relieve me and J of our parental duties, especially because we are pretty diligent with our naps, feeding, and bedtime schedules. Read More

Simon Says: Protect Yourself From the Sun With Snapper Rock! (GIVEAWAY)

A couple of months before we were scheduled to leave for Mexico, Snapper Rock contacted me to try out their super cute protective baby sun wear. Perfect timing! I had a hard time selecting a favorite thing to try, but ended up selecting the Toweling Onesie because I knew that I would use it both at swimming lessons in Chicago and the pool / beach in Mexico.

The Snapper Rock collections are great – I could have selected a number of sunsuits if we spent more time in the sun (maybe we should just move to the beach). In addition to the Toweling Onesie, here are a few favorites: Read More

Lessons Learned While Traveling With Baby (Still Learning…)

Don’t trust what you read on he internet: I know that’s more of a life lesson but it has been reconfirmed for me while traveling. Pictures of full size cars and car seats may appear larger (or smaller) on the web. Grumble.

Trust your mom gut: we were at Hertz yesterday picking up our car and they wanted to give me an “infant” seat that was forward facing and toddler sized. I confirmed several times that it was the right seat and they insisted – I even saw instructions (that were for the wrong seat!). After many minutes of deliberation I asked J to go to Walmart to buy us a rear facing seat. Read More

Chicago City Guide: A Summary

ChicagoUnderPavilion Photo Credit (Unedited): Chris Smith

This is the final post in my 7 part Chicago City Guide Series. I often get asked for my favorites things to eat, see, and do in Chicago and am going to be very glad to have this summary handy for the next time I get a request. This was a really fun series to put together. Thank you to those of you that added ideas via the comments – you’ll notice that I added a few things to my lists based on your feedback.

Do you have 48 hours to spend in the city? Not sure what to do? Check out my 48 Hours in Chicago post. Read More

Chicago City Guide: 48 Hours in Chicago

Hook, Thread & Tinker Chicago City Guide - 48 Hours in Chicago Chicago Skyline at Sunrise: Photo by Dave Wilson

This post is a continuation of my Chicago City Guide series. So far we’ve covered:

Unless you visit often, I know that it’s hard to figure out what to do on a short visit to the city because there is SO MUCH to do. Chicago is an amazing city – having a lot to do is a good problem to have – it just means that future visits are necessary.

I have a list of suggested things to do if you have a weekend to spend in Chicago. You’ll note that a couple of the activities may be seasonal, but Chicago is a great city year round, so don’t shy away from the cold temps! Read More