chicago city guide: part 2 – pizza.

This is part 2 of a series of Chicago City Guide posts – part 1 is here. I’ll do a summary of all of the posts at the end of the series.

I can’t get too far into the series without talking about one of Chicago’s favorites — pizza!

I should probably not admit that if it were socially acceptable to do so (and good for my waistline) I would eat pizza almost every day. Chicago style deep dish is my favorite, but I also love a good brick oven pizza. I’ve highlighted my favorites below.

If there are specific Chicago topics that you’re interested in, let me know. Future posts will include lunch and dinner, snacks, drinks, shopping, museums, etc. 

spacca napoli

Photo taken from Spacca Napoli, one of my most frequented brick oven pizza stops. YUM.


Chicago Style Pizza (deep dish):

  • Lou Malnati’s – Insider Tip: Forgo the diet and add the butter crust to your deep dish
  • Pizanos – Insider Tip: The thin crust is also really good here!
  • Giordano’s – Insider Tip: I actually prefer the thin crust here
  • Nueva Italy – Insider Tip: This is more of a delivery spot – ask for the buy one get one half off special when you order
  • Pequod’s


Other pizza:

Insider Tip: All of the spots listed above (except Nueva Italy, which is primarily delivery) get very crowded at the typical lunch / dinner times. If you’re eating at a pizza spot downtown go at off-peak times to avoid the very long wait times.

If you are visiting Chicago for just a short time and love pizza like I do, the Chicago pizza tour may be a good alternative to picking one place. I haven’t ever taken it, but I do know that you get to try a lot of great places in a short amount of time – many of my favorites are on the tour!

If you have your own favorite Chicago pizza, leave it in the comments and I might add it to the final summary post.

Now I really want a slice of pizza.


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