chicago city guide: part 3 – daytime see & do.

This is part 3 of a series of Chicago City Guide posts – part 1 and 2. I’ll do a summary of all of the posts at the end of the series.

I thought that I would break away from food for a minute and highlight some of the great daytime activities that Chicago has to offer. It’s starting to get a bit colder, so some of these may already be off the table for the season, but all are great activities – some are even worth being cold for.

If there are specific Chicago topics that you’re interested in, let me know. Future posts will include lunch and dinner, snacks, drinks, shopping, etc. 


Photo from State Street looking North in front of the old Marshall Field’s building (now Macy’s).

Daytime See & Do:

Insider Tip – The museums aren’t cheap. At all. There are some free days during the year though – and many more options for Illinois residents. Do a quick Google search – you may end up saving yourself a lot of bucks.

What are your favorite things to do during the day when you visit Chicago? Is there anything else that should definitely be on this list?

I really believe that seeing as much on foot as you can is the best way to experience the city. Public transportation is good but not perfect. Trains, for the most part, run North / South, but buses run all directions. It’s easiest to download an app (or use a paper map – what?!) to get around the city.

Happy exploring!

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  1. I have loved your “best of Chicago” series! My hubby and I love Chicago, so I will definitely have to re-read your posts when we plan to go back.

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