Chicago City Guide: Part 5 – Lunch & Dinner

This post is a continuation of my Chicago City Guide series. Parts 1, 2, 3, 4. I’ll do a summary post of them all at the end.

This post was probably the hardest to write and thus, the one I procrastinated the longest (of course). There is just SO MUCH good food in Chicago. Narrowing down a list of lunch/dinner places that I want to recommend was tough!

Be sure to check to see if the restaurant that you want to try takes reservations. If they do, I highly recommend them. If they don’t, be prepared to wait for a table.


The burger pictured above is from Au Cheval. The photo is from here. Unfortunately when we ate there I was too excited about the food to take a good picture :).

Lunch / Dinner (In no particular order…)

I am sure that I missed a bunch of great restaurants (and insider tips!) in my haste to try to include all of my favorites. If you have a favorite that I missed let me know in the comments and I may add it to the summary post.

Have you tried any of the restaurants that I listed above? What did you love most?

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5 thoughts on “Chicago City Guide: Part 5 – Lunch & Dinner

    • Thanks – have you been to those restaurants? Karyn’s is a favorite of my bro / sister in law who are vegetarian. Chicago Diner makes a lot of desserts for Whole Foods stores in the area. YUM.

      • Chicago Diner is AMAZING. Their desserts are comparable to non-vegan (which is pretty rare for vegan desserts). Their chocolate chip cookie is my absolute favorite food in the entire world!!

  1. Great suggestions! I want to add one more…WeatherMark on south Michigan for burgers and blackened tuna burgers.

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