chicago city guide: part 6 – drinks & night life

This post is a continuation of my Chicago City Guide series — parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. I’ll do a summary post of them all at the end.

I think we’re nearing the end of the Chicago City Guide posts. To be honest, this one stretched me a little. I am not a huge drinker (especially since baby), so although I’ve been to these places, the drink appeal is a little lost on me. Luckily, it is not lost on my husband and he generally agrees with my list. Phew.






Ok Chicago friends, as usual, tell me what I missed so that I can add them to the final summary post. I know that there are definitely hot spots that I am missing.

Picture used above from here.

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4 thoughts on “chicago city guide: part 6 – drinks & night life

  1. Sunda has my favorite cocktails! Also great food spot too 🙂 Just recently went to Trenchermen this past weekend. While I was only there for dinner (also would add as a must try food spot and get the 4 course menu, portion sizes are just right), it seemed like a trendy spot for evening cocktails.

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