I have raved about my experience with Stitch Fix in the past. When I first heard about them, I loved the idea that someone would be my personal shopper online. I thought that their business was a really cool concept and for $20 felt like it was worth the “risk” to sign-on for my first fix. The idea of trying out new designers, trying on clothes that I would never pick for myself… it’s really fun.

My last 2 boxes were nothing short of bad. I returned everything. I felt like they gave me clothing items that I would never wear and weren’t paying attention to my requests at all. You can pick your price point on clothing items and I felt that I was getting clothes that seemed like they were not high quality considering my price points.  I set up a personal profile, told them what I like and don’t like, linked them to my personal Pinterest boards, etc… everything that they asked…for some reason the last 2 boxes were just bad.

Honestly, I chalked it up to being paired with a bad stylist because my other 2 boxes were great… I was going to try again for sure.

After sending back two boxes and keeping nothing, I got the following e-mail from Stitch Fix


When I first saw the note I was pretty annoyed. Seriously? You can’t figure out how to style my “curves”? On your website you advertise that you work with people my size, so it really shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t expect every piece to work, but I also don’t expect to receive emails like the above. I let it sit in my inbox for a few days before responding to make sure that I felt the same way with some good sleeps. After all, I am admittedly sensitive. I did feel the same way, so I sent a note to their marketing group.

I’ll give you a taste of the note that I sent to marketing in response to their email…

“…After my last 2 boxes, not only do I think that your clothes aren’t designed for “a normal girl”, I also think that your designers have bad taste. Oh, this girl needs a Large, let’s just throw in what we have, no matter the actual request from the customer. No matter how many comments I leave. No matter what my pinterest looks like. Sure, I could send you a picture, but what do you gain from that? Look at Assume I am wearing 90% of the clothes there.”

Ok, so my note wasn’t the nicest note that I have ever written… I wasn’t intentionally being mean, I was just turned off and really wanted them to know it. I know that they were trying to be helpful, I just didn’t fully understand the point of me sending in pictures.

For a minute I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I shop a lot too much and have NEVER had a problem finding clothes for “my curves”. Last weekend I went shopping and picked up a few things. I so desperately wanted to pull a Julia with Stitch Fix. Not that I’m immature or anything. 🙂

I got a note back. It wasn’t canned, but it wasn’t the nicest that I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately, they did not encourage me to try again, offer me a credit for my styling fees, etc….I was a a bit disappointed actually.

I still encourage people to try Stitch Fix, they’re a business that is still in beta and the concept is good – I have a bunch of friends who LOVE them. I just really wish that they would consider the audience that they’re trying to attract. Maybe it isn’t people “of all shapes and sizes” like they say. On the other hand, I had 2 great experiences (and I’ve even lost some of my “curves” since then!), so maybe it was just 2 bad boxes followed by a bad email… I believe in second chances.

Would you have responded the same way or did I overreact?

Note: Stitch Fix links in this post are referral links. I receive a credit if you schedule a “fix” using the link. (<– Hey, you never know, I liked it once, I may try again.)

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  1. i liked your note. i think it’s important to be honest. bums me out that you got two bad boxes in a row. that just doesn’t seem right.

    i thought stitch fix sounded like an awesome idea. but i heard that they don’t work with plus size girls… and i am right on the border between ladies + plus size. maybe they’ve broadened that by now, but i haven’t investigated.

    i stay stick with doing your own shopping. you have great taste and always look fabulously dressed to me!


    • I don’t know what sizes they work with anymore, clearly. It’s frustrating. Thanks for the compliment Sarah! 🙂

  2. you have the best taste of anyone i know.
    i’d have YOU be my stitch fix.
    that’s what i have to say.

  3. I agree with Gabby and Sarah – you don’t need a stylist!!!

    I liked the blazer I got from Stitch Fix but felt it was overpriced – I’ve worn it a few times though, so getting good wear out of it.

    Good on you for your note 🙂 xo

  4. I have also had the experience of being sent items that clearly don’t fit my style and also were items I specifically asked not to receive. In my style profile, I clicked no orange clothes. Received an orange shirt. In my requests/comments for a specific fix, I said no jewelry and no sheer tops, and received a sheer top and jewelry.

    Also, when I see the invoices for other fixes on blogs, there is almost always a nice detailed note that seems to address specific comments/requests. Most of my comments from the stylist are quite generic or there isn’t one at all. A friend (also doing stitch fix) said she thinks she should start a blog so she can post photos of her fixes and the invoices with comments, and that she thinks the stylists would pay more attention to her fixes as a result.

    Think that if a customer purchases more items and more frequently, maybe they take more time, which is a self-fulfilling cycle that leads to customer dissatisfaction and SF stylists likely don’t think a customer is worth a big time investment to send a great fix, as they likely have their performance measured by how much they sell. I would love to be able to purchase more through fixes, but need to be good fits for my body and style.

    My Pinterest account…some stylists either don’t look at it or think they seem to send items that are very different from what is pictured there in an attempt to expand my style.

    All that being said, I have received some great items from Stitch Fix, and will continue to be a customer. Just wish there was more consistency in match between the information I have provided and the items received.

    • Glad to know that I am not the only one. I also think that popular bloggers and, as such, popular referrers get better treatment. I totally agree with you that the whole process is self-fulfilling… I do hope that they can be more consistent on the customer service front, it’s a fun idea! Thanks for commenting Jill.