counting down to next time.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of spending time with 2 of my favorite women – there were supposed to be 4 of us, but I won’t go in to how much I hate American Airlines for holding Jess hostage in Dallas.

I haven’t been with these girls together in a long time.  We’ve all grown, matured, carried on with our own lives in one way or another… but whenever we’re together, no matter the time in between visits, we all just go right back to talking about everything and anything.  I can’t thank these girls enough for listening, challenging, just being there…not just this weekend…always.

I honestly didn’t know how the weekend would go, but I knew that it would be good to just see the girls, no matter what.  Games. Parks.  Coloring. Yummy delicious Gabby meals… I can’t complain about a thing.  I don’t necessarily need to play Hide and Seek Zoo any time soon, but other than that, it was perfection.

We showered Linnea and baby Elin (eeeeeLin) a little bit (Gabby made enough food for 12, but it was gooooooood).

Gabby’s yummy breakfast, her love of paper goods and her perfect handwriting topped off the morning.

Linnea is 32 weeks pregnant, but you can barely tell.

Mike is funny….

He hung out with us the whole weekend – what a trooper :).

Gabby is one of the best Moms I’ve ever seen – Evan and Olive clearly think so :).

Evan and Olive are sweet, well-behaved, smart and funny. And cute, obviously.

We chalked.

And played LOTS of games – maps being one of the coolest.

And went to the raddest (<– that is NOT a Mara word, but it’s appropriate here, trust me) park I’ve ever seen.

Where there was lots of walking…

There was even a carousel.

And boats.

All weekend, Linnea and I reinforced only good manners.

And Max was sweet as can be.

It was honestly perfect.

I have to admit, Evan stole a little piece of my heart when he was the biggest cuddle bug ever. He and I had some fierce games of ‘Spot It’ and Tic Tac Toe.  We colored and ran around and just generally had a good time together.

I asked if he’d remember me when I saw him (hopefully) in a few months and he said, “maybe”. Ha. Honesty I can appreciate.  It’s ok buddy, I will definitely remember you :).

Thank you Gabby and Linnea… for just being.  It was a perfect, walked into work on Monday still beaming kind of weekend.

Love you both.

And Jessica, if I have to drive you to our next get together myself, you’re going to be there! I think we might want to pad your flights by a week on both ends, just to be safe :).

0 thoughts on “counting down to next time.

  1. raddest. i do think that applies to that park, i DOOOOOOOOOO.
    i love every word of this post, and every photo. oh so very much.
    thank you for loving my kiddos. and me.

    and for seriously– jess, come stay for a week. please??? i love that plan. 🙂 (everyone! back for a week! NOW!!!!)


  2. Mara – thank you thank you thank you for sharing these photos!! It’s so great to get to see them; I really wish more than anything I could have been there with you guys. Sadness!… I’m never flying American again. I hope I can see you guys real soon (but next time, it’s Southwest all the way). Love you!! 😉

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