I’m feeling really cranky this week.

People aren’t doing what I think we need to do to be most efficient / effective.

People are being lackadaisical because it’s easier than change.

I’m an Aries, I believe that change is good.  Change is important.  Doing what you’ve always done just because it’s the way you’ve always done it doesn’t work for me.  Especially when the way it’s always been done is in need of a face lift.

I think I need a long long vacation.

I have a friend who just got home from 5 weeks touring Asia.  I am so jealous.

Ya, ya, I know I just got back from 2 weeks in the Philippines, but I need more… my body is craving more.

I don’t feel good about where I am right now.  My head feels all fuzzy….

At the start of the year I chose my one little word and that word was CHANGE.  I didn’t take the class, but I follow Ali Edwards on her blog and after years of thinking that the whole thing was too hokey for me, I jumped on the bandwagon.  Or half jumped.  I wrote my word down on paper.  Pretty paper. 🙂

I think that the concept of OLW is about being present with an idea or word and just keeping it visible throughout the year.

I chose change because I truly believe that I need to keep it visible in my life this year.  I know that I want to change a few things and sometimes I just need a little push.  I’m not afraid of change, but I want the change to be right.

I could have just as easily chosen balance instead of change as my word, but change seemed more fitting at the time.

Change is good. Right?

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  1. change IS good. that doesn’t mean I’M good at changes though 😉 i love your word and think it’s perfect for you right now. and if you need a vacation, it’s suppose to be just lovely here next week! (hey, a girl can dream… right?!)