It’s been a crappy start to 2013 for my family. I’m just going to go ahead and say that a brighter day can’t come soon enough.

We’ve experienced loss of so many varieties… the pounds are the only loss I am grateful for. 

Today we had to say goodbye to a beloved pet, my brother and sister-in-law’s dog, Kaya.

This morning Kaya woke up with her usual spring in her step and by the time she came in from her morning trip to the backyard, she wasn’t acting like herself – clearly struggling. 

The vet told them that Kaya is suffering from the same thing that Cohen had – that damn dog spleen.

I’m angry.

Enough already.

Cohen and Kaya… another personal loss that I haven’t shared here.

I’m over it!

Kaya was a sweetheart. I remember when Adam brought her home – I was so excited to have a family dog so close (this was pre-Cohen). She is missed already.


My two dog loves (Kaya on left, Cohen on right) – hopefully they’re sharing a bone and chasing squirrels together in doggie heaven.

Actually, truthfully, this picture was a bit of an anomaly.

I think Cohen and Kaya annoyed each other the majority of the time. Tolerated each other, perhaps? More likely they’re switching beds back and forth, stealing toys from each other and just generally trying to ignore each other as much as possible. Either way, at least they’re together.

My brother told me a funny story after we had to put Cohen to sleep… one night when he happened to be dog sitting Cohen at their house, Cohen was driving him (and Kaya) crazy. He was a puppy and he didn’t want to be alone and was bugging his older cousin to play, prodding my brother to fetch, etc.

Adam got really aggravated with Cohen’s incessant need for attention, so he put him in his crate for a breather.

A bit later he realized he couldn’t find Kaya.

Turns out that Kaya had stolen Cohen’s crate and he unknowingly ended up putting them in the crate together. When he realized what happened, Kaya and Cohen had made themselves comfortable and were snoozing together.

Kaya and Cohen shared many a overnights and many a walks… usually they were pretty good, but it always took a bit of time to get every dog on their own bed – comfortable that the other wouldn’t steal their bone or their spot.

Always stinkers.

Always always always loved.

RIP Kaya girl – give Cohen a nudge for me. 



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  1. oh honey girl. i am SO sorry.
    breaks my heart all over again for you.
    sending you so much love.

  2. Oh I love that story about Kaya and Cohen in the crate. I’m so sorry to hear about her passing – I bet her and Cohen are having a blast upstairs. Squirrels, bones, and frisbees galore. Love you!! Big hug from Texas!

  3. Mara,

    I am so sorry. Big hugs and crossing my fingers for happier times soon.

    Love you,