crushin’ it.

Who is playing Candy Crush? Don’t lie, it’s ok. I won’t tell.

Every day I curse the friend who introduced me to it, but you should try it, it’s fun. 🙂

One tip. If you do try it, no need to post on Facebook every time you run out of lives, that just makes you look a little crazy. Desperate even.

So what is it that draws millions of people into a game like this?

What psychological trap am I falling right in to?

Probably the same one that sends me a coupon for a store so that I go there and spend 100 times more than I would have without the coupon.

I’m a marketer’s best friend.

I’ll probably be hooked on Candy Crush like I was with Words With Friends… until the newness wears off and I’m on to my next time suck.

Or until I conquer the world. 

I mean…

I have a pile of books and magazines currently being ignored because I’m too busy rotting my eyes and mind with iPhone games. I’m like a 12 year old. Oy.

Maybe I’m at an all time low. Let’s hope it’s not the calm before the storm. I hope that my brain can only handle so much crap at once.

Speaking of mindless crap… I might suffer from this

0 thoughts on “crushin’ it.

  1. OMG … I think Daniel suffers from asshole resting face J. I definitely don’t have bitchy resting face!

  2. i totally have bitchy resting face. i shudder to think of what bypassers on the street think. also, i miss WWF. ive never even heard of candy crush. which, im okay with, but not having facebook means i cannot find you on pinterest! why are the only ways to search for people via twitter and fb? or am i just an idiot?

    and i totally get that coupon thing. ugh. j.crew. ugh.

  3. i downloaded candy crush right before my surgery… bad idea! it didn’t take long to become addicted. i even learned how to refresh my lives instantly. i do draw the line at connecting it to my fb though. i don’t think i connected them, anyway.

    signed, currently stuck on level 61 (for the last four days) and it’s driving me crazycakes.