cry it out? i think it’s time.

So, maybe I spoke too soon.

Simon HAS been sleeping for 5.5-6 hour chunks consistently, but the last few days he has woken up crying 2 times during the second “chunk” and if we go in and replace his paci, he falls right back to sleep. His eyes aren’t even open.

This is great except that we don’t really want to be replacing his pacifier for him multiple times throughout the night. We want him to soothe himself back to sleep. 

Well, we do, except for the crazy part of me that knows that pacifiers are known to reduce SIDs, but I digress.

He goes down really well for nighttime sleep and naps but then during naps he can’t transition from sleep cycle to sleep cycle so his naps are consistently between 32 and 42 minutes. The ‘replace the paci’ trick doesn’t work during the day like it does at night, unfortunately. 

I REALLY wish that the pacifiers “stuck” a little better, it drives me batty!… the one that we have been using is the best that I’ve found yet and we’ve tried about 6 different brands. 

I feel like I end up spending the majority of the day encouraging Simon to nap – it’s no fun for either of us.

I know that he is not over-tired because I am pretty diligent about watching his sleep cues and putting him down right away when I start to see them.

So my question is this…

Our pediatrician told us that we can and should do ‘cry it out’ by 3 months. He said that Simon is gaining enough weight that he doesn’t NEED to eat at night and it’s up to us if we want him to go that long without nursing. 

I personally think it’s a tad soon for 10-12 hours without nursing (he’s 11 weeks), but I would like him to go the consistent 6 and 6 without waking because he needs his paci. I know he’s not hungry when he wakes after the 11-midnight feeding because I stopped nursing him multiple times at night a few weeks ago when he didn’t show much interest in eating at that time.

Ok right, get to the point and the question… so my question is…

At what age did you (if you did) use ‘cry it out’ with your baby? Did you do it for night and naps or just one of them and it solved the other?

I’m not at all opposed to the method – I do believe that teaching good sleep habits is SUPER important for growth and development and overall happiness… I’m just a little confused about HOW to do it if we still think he needs to nurse at night. Any pointers?

I have read conflicting things… dream feed or don’t, wake just before he normally wakes on his own, etc. I am sort of opposed to waking him to eat because I feel like I am encouraging him to eat when he’s not hungry… but I don’t know. I guess a feed won’t magically go away on it’s own… or will it?

Tell me what worked or is working for you….

I know we’ll ultimately try to do what we think is best for Simon, but the fact that he is still consistently waking between 11-12 and nurses well makes me feel like he’s not ready to go for a longer stretch… did you just stop cold turkey or something else?…If we stop the midnight feed I guess he’ll start to make up for those calories during the day, right?

Ugh, why can’t he just know that sleep is a really, really good thing? 

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6 thoughts on “cry it out? i think it’s time.

  1. Mara, you are the mother and you have to do what you feel comfortable with – but at 3 months sleeping though the night IS six hours. I have never done cry it out with my kids. It’s not something I am comfortable with. They were horrible sleepers as babies, but when it clicked, it clicked and both M and H are sleeping rockstars right now. I’ve heard people say that babies who don’t do cry it out end up bad sleepers – not true. So…I’m not going to say much else because it’s your choice, but just know that if he is sleeping six straight hours a night, that’s actually pretty fantastic. 😉

    • Thanks Em. I feel good about it except the napping. I heard that sort of falls into place though? I don’t know! So confusing – I just want him to be a happy kid!

  2. You know my stance on this! Isla is now able to put herself to sleep after 5 min max of sleepy cries (wah… wahh… wah), so I think CIO totally works. I cannot let her CIO during the night when she wakes to feed though – she is hungry! Kirby’s little one goes down at 9-9:30 (no CIO) and wakes at 6am. I’d take it. Every baby is so different… But you need your sleep! C’mon little stripe-lovin’ Simon (and Isla too!).

    • We have no issue going to bed. At night he’s doing great except for the latter half paci issues. Nap is another story. He goes down great but doesn’t sleep through his cycles. Grr. I feel good about our progress, but grr. Umm, Kirby is so lucky!

      • She is indeed. That’s right — would he go down paci-less? I recently started taking it out right when I put it down, so she did wake up but that way she didn’t wake when it fell out. i do like the SIDS benefits as well, but was having the wake-up-when-the-paci-falls-out syndrome. Let’s patent and design that headgear.

        • Was talking to J about it tonight and we decided it would never get approved by FDA. Safety and whatnot 🙂

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