Date Night

On Thursday night, with family in town, J and I took advantage of free babysitting and went to a movie after our Thanksgiving dinner.

We were both exhausted by the time that we put Simon to bed, so going upstairs to lay on the couch and eat leftover pumpkin cheesecake was tempting. After some back and forth we decided to pull it together and make a night out a priority and I am so glad that we did.

I swear that we left the movie happier than we were when we left the house. There’s something to be said about being away, having no responsibilities for a few hours, not worrying about naps or diapers, holding hands in a dark theater like we did when we were dating, and catching a new movie. We hadn’t been to a movie since before Simon was born, so the night out felt extra special.

We aren’t able to have a date night out every week because it is cost prohibitive to bring in a babysitter and pay for a night out….so I’m wondering, how do you do it?  How do you keep the relationship with your significant other a priority when you have young children? Any tips for new parents?

I found a few ideas for date nights at home… would your significant other be into any of these? I can see some of them (like a movie marathon) working, but many of them are a bit far fetched. I don’t see J and I making a scrapbook together anytime soon…drinking, games, movies, and food seem to be the most popular. 🙂

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Do you have any at home date ideas?

As a side note, did you see Mockingjay? What did you think? I am not good at waiting and the fact that it ended so abruptly made me a little crazy… when is part 2 coming out?!

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4 thoughts on “Date Night

  1. Strip Trivia, on the regular.

    HA. There are some good ideas in there though! So funny – we hadn’t had a date night until the Justin Timberlake concert last night, then I read this post today! It’s much easier when both sets of grandparents live in the same city. You need to find a really, really responsible high schooler or really responsible (and likely needing money) college student!

    I refuse to see Mockingjay until part 2 comes out because like you, I hate waiting!!

    • Ha – strip trivia. OF COURSE. Duh.
      I like that your HS student needs to be really REALLY responsible but the college student just needs to be really responsible. 😉
      I might feel better about that plan when S is a bit older – for now, I’m nervous to leave him with someone new, which is silly considering he’s sleeping the entire time.
      How was JT?!?! So jealous.

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